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Carthaginian Republic
Map by Janboruta
Map by Janboruta
Hannibal Barca
Qart Hadasht
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Canaanism (HR)

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Aggressive, Charismatic
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Carthage led by Hannibal is a custom civilization by JFD and Janboruta[1], with contributions from Wodhann and Danrell.

This mod requires Brave New World. It does not replace Dido's Carthage.



The ancient kingdom of Carthage, founded by fabled queen Dido, grew from a small settlement of exiles to a powerful civilization that rivaled the great and formidable Roman Empire. Ideally situated along the northern coast of Africa, Carthage became an increasingly crucial center of trade along the Mediterranean throughout the 1st millennium BC. However, this success was not without consequences, as Carthage eventually drew the ire of both Greece and Rome, and the ensuing conflicts with these intimidating rivals became the stuff of legend.

Not long after the conclusion of the Pyrrhic War, the continued expansion of Rome drew the ire of Carthage, as the two competitors fought not only for control of territory and trade, but also the prestige of being the dominant power of the region. A series of escalating clashes that came to be known as the Punic Wars erupted in 264 BC, when both powers became entangled in a local squabble over control of the Sicilian city of Messina. While the Romans excelled in land-based warfare, Carthage controlled the most intimidating navy of the time, and the Romans were forced to adapt to succeed against the Carthaginian fleet. By utilizing boarding platforms mounted on their ships, the Romans found a way to reassert their infantry skills while at sea. The First Punic War was concluded by 241 BC, with Carthage having suffered a number of serious defeats, allowing Rome's authority to climb unabated. Carthage was forced to pay Rome a hefty price for peace, leaving the country on unstable footing both economically and militarily.


Among the great captains of military history, few stand as high, and none higher, than Hannibal Barca. He was born the son of Hamilcar Barca in 247 BC, shortly before the Carthaginian defeat in the First Punic War. Hamilcar made it his mission to conquer new territory in Hispania (Spain) to make up for the loss of Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica to the Romans; when Hannibal grew old enough, he joined his father and learned the art of military command. According to legend, at this time Hannibal swore an oath of eternal vengeance on Rome. After the death of his father and brother-in-law, Hannibal was acclaimed the commander of the Carthaginian forces in Hispania in 221 BC. He spent the next two years finishing the subjugation of the region, and then in 219 BC he attacked the town of Sagentum. Hannibal had been looking for a bigger fight: the city was under the protection of Rome and his attack was sure to spark a diplomatic incident. In fact, the situation boiled out of control and Rome declared war on Carthage, thus beginning the Second Punic War.

Dawn of Man[]

Hannibal Diplo

Art by Janboruta

Your service is called to arms by the people of Carthage, mighty Hannibal; greatest commander of her armies. Your capability on the field of war is legendary; known the world over by foe and friend alike. For decades Carthage had been subject to the honour and power of the Roman Empire, but you swore vengeance unto Rome, and marched your armies across Hispania and Gaul, and then across the treacherous Alps toward the heart of their empire. Your very name caused cities to tremble and men to scatter in your wake, but you were ultimately defeated at Zama by the dishonourable Scipio Africanus in 202 BC. Returning home, you would be elected to the highest office of government, and you would prove yourself as capable a politician as your were commander of the Carthaginian forces.

O fearsome Hannibal, the armies of Carthage await your leadership. The hearts of your soldiers are filled with the lust for honour denied to them by their foes. Can you bring glory to their name? Can you march an army across the face of this earth and bring triumph and victory to Carthage? Can you build a civilization that can stand the test of time?

Introduction: Hail wanderer, you stand before the guardian of mighty Carthage, favored empire of Ba'al-hamon. If you seek with Carthage turmoil, then I will march a storm upon your pathetic armies and have your greatest generals weep in fear.

Introduction: Hail. I am Hannibal, son of Hamilcar Barca. I am the guardian of Carthage. As is Ba'al-hamon our most fearsome lord in heaven, I am the most fearsome man to walk this earth, and my armies are the most fearsome to march upon its soil.

Defeat: Let us ease your people's fears, who think it long to await the death of this old man.

Unique Attributes[]

Carthage (Hannibal)

Art by Janboruta

The Hundred and Four

During peacetime, Military Units increase Production Production when garrisoned. Units may cross mountains after the first Shophet is earned, taking 50 HP damage if they end a turn on a mountain. 


Art by Firaxis

African Forest Elephant (Horseman)
  • +16% Strength Combat Strength (14 vs 12)
  • -10% Strength Combat Strength for nearby enemies
  • Starts with the Great Generals II promotion
  • Does not require Horses Horses
  • +33% Production Production Cost (100 vs 75)
  • -1 Moves Movement (total 3)

Art by Janboruta

Shophet (Great General)
  • Disembarks onto water tiles as a Great Admiral
  • Causes friendly units in the same tile or adjacent to heal 20 damage after defeating an enemy and enemy cities within two tiles to take extra damage
Changes to Carthage (Dido)

Art by Firaxis

Phoenician Heritage

Coastal cities claim all workable water tiles when founded and begin with a nearby source of Shellfish, which only Carthage may see and improve.


Art by Firaxis

Quinquereme (Trireme)
  • +20% Strength Combat Strength in friendly territory
  • Ignores enemy zones of control

Art by Wohann

Cothon (Harbor) (Replaces the African Forest Elephant)
  • +1 Gold Gold from Sea Resources
  • Provides additional Strength Defense when a naval unit is stationed in this city
City List
  1. Qart Hadasht
  2. Utique
  3. Hippo Regius
  4. Gades
  5. Saguntum
  6. Carthago Nova
  7. Panormus
  8. Lilybaeum
  9. Hadrumetum
  10. Zama Regia
  11. Karalis
  12. Malaca
  13. Leptis Magna
  14. Hippo Diarrhytus
  15. Motya
  16. Sulci
  17. Tharros
  18. Leptis Parva
  19. Soluntum
  20. Lixus
  21. Oea
  22. Theveste
  23. Ibossim
  24. Thapsus
  25. Aleria
  26. Tingis
  27. Abyla
  28. Sabratha
  29. Rusadir
  30. Baecula
  31. Saldae
Spy List
  • Hamilcar
  • Mago
  • Baalhaan
  • Sophoniba
  • Yzebel
  • Similce
  • Kandaulo
  • Zinnridi
  • Gisgo
  • Fierelus
Shophet Names
  1. Bomilcar
  2. Hamilcar Barca
  3. Hannibal
  4. Hannibal Barca
  5. Hasdrubal II
  6. Hasdrubal Gisco
  7. Hasdrubal the Boetharch
  8. Mago I Justin
  9. Mago II
  10. Mago III
  11. Himilco I
  12. Himilco II
  13. Hasdrubal the Fair
  14. Ad Herbal
  15. Carthalo
  16. Hannibal Monomachus
  17. Hannibal the Rhodian
  18. Hanno the Elder
  19. Hanno the Great
  20. Maharbal
  21. Sophonisba
  22. Aderbaal
  23. Bodashtart
  24. Philosir
  25. Abdmelqart




Peace Theme War Theme

Carthage Empire - Hannibal Peace


Europa Universalis Rome Soundtrack - Rock and Rome

"Eagle Fly North" by Andreas Waldetoft. "Rock and Rome" by Andreas Waldetoft.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
True Alternative Leaders
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

Consult the Tribunal of a Hundred and Four[]

Even the most battle-hardened of commanders may be blind to the strategies employed by our enemies. We should have our greatest general seek the advice of our Tribunal of Judges before facing battle.


  • Player must be Carthage (Hannibal)
  • Player must have a Shophet stationed in the Capital
  • May only be enacted once per era


  • [25 * eras passed] CultureIcon Culture
  • Magistrates Magistrate


  • The Shophet gains +2 Moves Movement and +1 Sight, and ignores enemy zones of control

Restore the Power of the Suffetes[]

Slowly, this government has crept into desuetude. Carthage's politicians are complacent and fat, and her Judges meek and uninspired. It would take little for the government to collapse and fall pray to some foreign despot. That is why we must revitalise the power of the Suffetes, and guarantee the security of our democratic Magistrate Lords.


  • Player must be Carthage (Hannibal)
  • Player must have at least one occupied or puppeted city
  • May only be enacted once per game


  • 700 Gold Gold
  • Magistrates Magistrates


  • Courthouses are built in half the usual amount of time

Xanthippus the Mercenary General[]

A shadowy informant of ours has slipped to us the name of a great, foreign general: Xanthippus, who would be willing to aide in our current war efforts. Should we agree to pay the general's hefty price, our troops would benefit greatly, and a sure victory would be in sight.

Option 1: We shall not pay Xanthippus' absurd price.

  • Nothing

Option 2: Very well. Pay the man what we wishes, so long as he guarantees us victory.

  • Lose (Number of Military Units x33) Gold Gold
  • Receive a free Greatperson Great General (i.e. Shophet)
  • All current Infantry and Cavalry units gain a promotion which has them earn 15% more experience from combat

Mago's Writings[]

Day in and day out, the rather dull recluse Mago has been tending to his rather dull record of our people's agricultural practices. It is said that any who would read such material would surely perish, for such boredom the mind cannot not withstand. Now, however, the rather bland and boring man has asked that his government fund the final chapters of his manual, so that he might see it finished.

Option 1: Throw him out! This government cannot fund such blather.

  • The Capital Capital begins celebrating 'We Love the King Day' for 5 turns

Option 2: Very well, so long as I do not have to read it.

  • Lose 150 Gold Gold
  • Every city gains 23 Food Food


When Mercenaries is installed, Hannibal's Unique Ability is changed.


Art by Janboruta

Punic Wars

Mercenary units benefit from Great General combat bonuses, and their Contracts last 50% longer. Units may cross mountains after the first Shophet is earned, taking 50 HP damage if they end a turn on a mountain. 

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now climbing treacherous mountains on elephant-back! I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Dropbox Download
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 4
Last Updated: 4 December 2015

  • JFD: Author 
  • Janboruta: Artwork 
  • Wodhann: Artwork (Cothon) 
  • danrell: Graphics 
  • Andreas Waldeloft: Music

Notes and References[]

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