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Carantania led by Domicijan Koroski is a mod by the Sarai Modsmithing Inc. development team. Contributors for this project include Rhea, Jarcast, Gerstein Goon, DJSHenninger, and Danrell.

Domicijan Koroski
Catholicism (Base Game + HRC)


Carantania []

Carantania, also known as Carentania, was a Slavic principality that emerged in the second half of the 7th century, in the territory of present-day southern Austria and north-eastern Slovenia. It was the predecessor of the March of Carinthia, created within the Carolingian Empire in 889.

Domicijan Koroski[]

Domicijan Koroski, according to the legend, destroyed a thousand statues of pagan idols and founded the Millstatt Abbey, leading the way for the mass conversion of his people to Christianity. After his death, prince Domicijan was publicly venerated as a Saint, and still today he is considered an important figure among Carinthian Catholics.

Dawn of Man[]

Who is he, that comes forward? He is Domicijan Koroski, the Prince of the Land. You lead Carantania, the fiercest of Samo’s many lands, home to the freeborn and deserving. While your ancestors were free and wild, you owed allegiance to another king, far to the west. But That never held you or your nation back, as you took the opportunity to make Carantania a great bastion of Christianity, with your conversion and the construction of the Millstatt Abbey. Oh upright judge, who seeks the well-being of his country, your people are dislocated, across space and time, pushed south by the encroaching Germans. They gather at the Prince’s Stone, ready to kiss your cheek and sing the Slovenian Kyrie. Will you give them a home free and without tribute? Will you foster and defend your faith? Can you build a Civilization that will stand the test of time?


Introduction: "Hello, friend, and welcome to Carantania. I am Domicijan. Know that you speak not to some tyrant, but to a man elected by his brothers and countrymen."

Declaration of War: "If this is your wish, then so be it. I have rallied the Kosezi in the field of Gospa Sveta, and their full weight is behind me, along with God’s!"

Defeat: "You may have struck me down by force of arms, but you’ve not won over the heart of my people. The Duke’s Stone remains empty until another rises against you."

Unique Attributes[]

Carantania (Domicijan Koroski)

Art by Rhea

He That Comes Forward

Expending a non-religious Great Person spreads your religion to the nearest foreign City and to those connected by a Trade Route. Receive a Combat bonus against nearby enemy Cities proportional to the number of followers of your religion those Cities have.


Art by Rhea

Kosezi (Swordsman)

It does not require Iron. Can build Farms, and upon constructing one the Great People generation rate of the nearest owned City permanently increases by 3% (max 30%). +50% Defense when stationing on a Farm.


Art by Rhea


Unlocked at Theology, it may only be built on Flatlands or Fresh Water tiles and not adjacent to another Samostan. The Samostan provides +1 Food, +1 Faith, +20% Defense bonus, and additional +1 Faith for every 2 adjacent Farms.