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Capitol Hill
Map by RawSasquatch.
Map by RawSasquatch.
Raz Simone
Capitol Hill
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Government req. mod
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Capitol Hill led by Raz Simone is a custom civilization mod by RawSasquatch, with contributions from GPuzzle and DarthKyofu.

This mod requires Brave New World.


Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone[]

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), also known as Free Capitol Hill and referred to as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest and the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), is an occupation protest and self-declared autonomous zone in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The zone, originally covering six city blocks and a park, was established on June 8, 2020 by George Floyd protesters after the Seattle Police Department (SPD) vacated its East Precinct building. Local governance in the zone is decentralized, with the goal of creating a neighborhood without police. Purported demands associated with the zone include rent control, the reversal of gentrification, the abolition or defunding of police, funding of community health, and releasing prisoners serving time for marijuana-related offenses or resisting arrest, with expungement of their records. Reactions to the zone have varied through the political spectrum. President Donald Trump referred to the occupants as "ugly Anarchists" and called for the governor of Washington and the mayor of Seattle to "take back" the zone, while Mayor Jenny Durkan on June 11 described the zone as "four blocks in Seattle that is more like a block party atmosphere. It's not an armed takeover. It's not a military junta. We will make sure that we will restore this but we have block parties and the like in this part of Seattle all the time ... there is no threat right now to the public." On June 14, USA Today confirmed the festive atmosphere, reporting that protesters who had previously clashed with police "have had their rough edges dulled by tens of thousands of tourists and sightseers. CHAZ has morphed into what looks and feels like a mini Burning Man festival."

Raz Simone[]

Solomon Samuel Simone (born January 15, 1990), known by his stage name Raz Simone and formerly Razpy, is an American recording artist, songwriter, and political activist and organizer from Seattle, Washington. A hip hop artist, he built his brand by releasing EPs, touring, and filming music videos through his company Black Umbrella. He gained recognition after releasing his debut solo EP, Solomon Samuel Simone. In June 2020, during the George Floyd protests in Seattle, Simone emerged as an active member of the self-declared Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Conservative news outlets and publications including Fox News, Townhall, and City Journal featured Simone prominently in their coverage of the zone, characterizing him as an unelected "warlord" policing the area with an AK-pattern rifle and highlighting an interaction where Simone allegedly assaulted a tagger.

Dawn of Man[]

"Salutations to you, supreme ruler Raz Simone, most powerful warlord of the CHAZ! You rose to power to fill the vacuum caused by CHAZ's secession from the United States and its expulsion of the Seattle Police Department. Bravely, you and your crew patrolled the mean streets of Capitol Hill at night to beat up vandals and steal their phones. The people of the CHAZ are a peaceful and cultured people, proficient in skills such as deflecting tear gas canisters with umbrellas and giving speeches, though admittedly pointedly less so in gardening. Regardless, as long as local restaurants continue to side with the revolution, and the fascist regime doesn't block their supply routes into your territory, Capitol Hill shall not fall!


Art by RawSasquatch.

Oh, dear leader Raz, Capitol Hill beckons for your guiding hand. Will you lead the people of Seattle to freedom and revolutionary peace, or shall you crush those who don't understand? Can you build a civilization to stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Hey, welcome to the CHAZ. Don't be causing any trouble, and you won't run into any."

Defeat: "I'm not a terrorist warlord! I'm just a citizen like any other..."

Unique Attributes[]

Capitol Hill (Raz Simone)

Art by RawSasquatch.

People Over Property

Destroying Buildings grants Greatperson Great Musician points and, once per city, opens a Great Work of Music slot. Exert more Tourism Tourism on civilizations you share a Trade Route with.


Art by RawSasquatch.

New Police (Machine Gun)
  • May move after attacking.
  • While garrisoned in a city, yields Greatperson Great Musician Points, Tourism Tourism, and the effects of a Police Station.

Art by RawSasquatch.

Commune Food Station (Market)
  • Increases city's Gold Gold yield by much less than the standard Market. (+5% vs +25%)
  • +1 Food Food from incoming International Trade Routes.
  • Provides a lump sum of CultureIcon Culture whenever the city grows in Citizen Population.
City List
  1. Capitol Hill
  2. Cal Anderson Park
  3. Pine
  4. Stoa
  5. Nagle
  6. Olive
  7. 12th
  8. Denny
  9. 11th
  10. 10th
  11. Broadway
  12. People's Department
  13. 13th
  14. Howell
  15. Pike
  16. Madison
  17. Harvard
  18. Relaxation Field
  19. Unicorn
  20. Oma Bap
  21. Optimism
  22. Rancho Bravo
  23. Vermillion
  24. Bok a Bok
  25. Atulea
Spy List
  • Daniel
  • Jeffrey
  • Katrina
  • Werna
  • Garland
  • Phoenix Jones
  • Teresa
  • Magik
  • Kshama
  • Nikkita



Art by DarthKyofu.


Peace Theme War Theme

Childish Gambino - This is America - Guitar Cover


Rage Against the Machine -- Bulls on Parade (Orchestral Arrangement)

"This Is America Guitar Cover", by benbynum. "Bulls On Parade (Orchestral Arrangement)", by Metamorphestra.

Mod Support[]

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now occupying our police stations and setting up gardens in our public parks. I worry the rest of the world will soon succumb to the influence of your culture."

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

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Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 17 June 2020


  • Creator, XML, Art: Sasquatch (AKA Kramer)
  • Lua: GPuzzle
  • Civ Icon: Darth

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