Civilization V Customisation Wiki


"New Beginnings"


Brazil - José Bonifácio

Patriarch of Independence

Tiles blockaded by your units provide Culture to the Capital. Adopting Social Policies removes resistance from all cities. Tiles blockaded by your units provide Culture to the Capital. Adopting Social Policies removes resistance from all cities.

Parakeet Battalion

(Gatling Gun, Skirmisher with EE)

Available at Fertilizer. Regains health if it starts its turn in a farm or plantation. Enemy tiles adjacent to it begin blockaded.



Every turn, it provides a burst of Gold based on how many tiles it is blockading.


Haripunchai - Camadevi


Gain city defence strength for every religious building. International Trade Route have a small chance to generate an Artifact until Industrial era. Gain city defence strength for every religious building. International Trade Route have a small chance to generate an Artifact until Industrial era.

Wat Phra That


In addition to Temple yields, Wat Phra That have 1 slots of Art/Artifact. If the slot is filled, this building yield 3 additional Culture and Faith


(Great Prophet)

In addition to usual abilities, Rishi create a new settler unit every times it cleared Barbarian Camp or Ancient Ruin. Rishi will lose 1 religious spread charge when a settler was created in this way


Revolutionary Serbia - Karadjordje

Vidovdan Vengeance

Earn Culture when capturing cities not originally settled by your enemy. Great Generals allow nearby units to pillage for free and are earned when liberating a civ or City-State.


(Gatling Gun, Skirmisher with EE)

May use enemy roads, but cannot pillage them. Earn Culture and Great Writer points upon pillaging a tile.


(Constabulary, Salon with EE)

+2 Culture and a Great Work of Writing slot. Production of Military units is rushed upon selecting a Social Policy. Cities that held a Matica when captured stay in Resistance for twice as long.


Rus' Khaganate - Tuvan Dyggvi

Khagan of the Lakes

Newly founded cities receive migrants from cities connected via Rivers or seagoing Trade Routes, increased by Specialists. Border expansion and Great Person births from these cities and allied City-States is converted to Culture. Newly founded cities receive migrants from cities connected via Rivers or seagoing Trade Routes, increased by Specialists. Border expansion and Great Person births from these cities and allied City-States is converted to Culture.


(Standalone Mounted Unit)

Unlocked at Currency. Migrants to the city greatly reduce the production cost of the Kabaroi. Victories beside rivers will earn an additional Specialist slot in the nearest Rus' city. If stacked with a Köl-beki, may found a city for an allied City-State.


(Great Admiral)

Migrants from Coastal cities contribute to the generation of a Köl-beki. May be expended to found cities beside Lakes and River mouths. Can dock beside foreign Cities to purchase, with culture, Specialists and Workers from them, the cost of which increasing from the number of Rus' cities, and can transport these to a coastal Rus' city or city-state or, if adjacent to a Trade Route, the destination or origin Rus' city.


Guinea-Bissau & Cape Verde - Abel Djassi (Amílcar Cabral)

Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victories

Declarations of Friendships yield a burst of Gold. Gold Gifts to already Allied City States gives a burst of Mobile Bazaar points based off excess influence generated.

Mobile Bazaar

(Great Merchant)

Can conduct Trade Missions or construct a armazéns do povo (+2 Production +1 Food) improvement in City State territory to start a We Love The King Day in the nearest Guinean City.

Training Camp


Can purchase or produce this building for City States. Boosts influence whenever the City State builds a unit and grants you a copy of said Unit.


UK - Tony Blair

Things Can Only Get Better

Adopting Policies and Passing World Congress proposals generates culture and golden age points. Receive an additional vote for the world congress whenever you liberate a city, which may then be spent to 'encourage intervention.'



Elite infantry unit that gains additional combat strength for each surrounding unit belonging to a different civilisation. In a Golden Age the SAS becomes far more mobile, gaining the ability to Paradrop to any tile within the range of allied cities and an additional movement point.

State Academy

(Public School)

Has a smaller science modifier than the building it replaces, but instead each State Academy in the Empire increases the amount of Golden Age progress gained from any source. In addition whenever a city is liberated there is a small chance the State Academy may receive an additional specialist slot.


Philippiness - Corazon Aquino

Bound by Yellow Ribbons

During Golden Ages, your Faith output increases Tourism from Great Works*, and your Gold output increases Tourism from all other sources**. Receive a Golden Age when upon adopting an Ideology or unlocking a higher Tenet tier for the first time. * (+1% per 5 points of Faith (up to +50%) ** (+1% per 10 points Gold (up to +50%)


(Great Musician)

Upon adopting an Ideology, yields a burst of Tourism when born and may freely enter closed borders. Creates a second copy of its Great Work when expended during a Golden Age.



Requires a Temple instead of a Zoo. Yields +2 Faith per Great Person Improvement and Landmark within city limits.


Innu - Georges-Ernest Gregoire


When Innu units are killed in the Ancient Era, there is chance for the dead unit to become an ancient ruin. Innu civilian units cannot be killed while within a city's workable tile radius, and will instead be teleported elsewhere on the map.

Tea Doll Carrier


May be expended to claim a neutral Strategic Resource tile for your Empire.

Birchbark Canoeist


Allows for the embarkation of units within it's sight without suffering a movement penalty.


UK - Ted Heath

A Product of Opportunity

Doubles the relation bonus for being trade partners and sharing mutual Civ friendships. Trade with Friend Civs provides both the player and the Friend Civ +1 of each strategic resource the other has per turn. Gain a delegate for every 3 trade routes to Allied city states or Friendly Civ’s capitals.



+15% production cost and +1GPT maintenance, but +1 mobility and 80 Combat Strength (vs 70). Possesses open borders with Allied Civs, and when gifted gain 15 relation points with them (maximum 45, wears off in 40 turns).

Barber Boom

(Unique National Project)

Unlocked at Computers. Requires 750 total production. When complete, gain 15 relation points with all civs you’re trading with. Cities gain a 15% gold and production boost for 30 turns, but have a 50% chance of entering Resistance once it ends.


Russian Federation - Boris Yeltsin

Last Day of an Era Past

Receive 2 influence per turn for City-states who have active trade route with you. Foreign tourism influence on your civ contribute to your culture (up to 15% of base culture)


(Great Merchant)

In addition to normal Great Merchant ability, Oligarch can be stationed on Luxury or Strategic Resource to temporary convert any resources in the tile into an amount of gold and culture.

State Property Management


Instead of flat +2 gold, State Property Management yield happiness for every worked Bonus Resource in the city, and also provide 2 Merchant specialist slots instead of 1.

Rhea & Orange's

The Gambia - Ba Tamboudou

Truth, Reconciliation, Reparation

Captured civilians are retained, and when expended in a city, generate cultural GP points, including captured civilians that cannot normally be expended. Combat bonuses against other civs depending on their warmonger threat level.



Earn culture upon expending a Great Person within a city per number of buildings constructed since the last GP expenditure. Earn Cultural GPP in addition to usual monument yields after inventing theology.



+20% Defense and Heals +5HP every turn when stacked with friendly civilian units. When stationed on a fort or citadel, said improvement may perform a ranged attack.

Dey's Feud's

Sheikhdom of Kuwait - Mubarak al-Sabah

Marseilles of the Persian Gulf

When sent to a civ with whom you have a DoF, cargo ships can give you an additional Luxury Resource from the destination city and/or one population. Economic buildings reduce the cost of maritime units by 5% (max 25%).


(Work Boat)

More expensive, but can enter Ocean tiles immediately. Can be expended to discover a random maritime Luxury Resource in owned Coastal or Ocean tiles, and automatically improve it.

Bait Altijara

(Stock Exchange)

Only provides +25% Gold, but provides an additional +5% per DoF or DPs (max +25%). Extends the reach of maritime trade routes by 10% per each unique Luxury resource you possess (max 50%)


Republic of Albania - Fan Stiljan Noli


Gain a bonus to tech and policy discovery for every tech and policy that a Declaration of Friendship partner possesses that you do not. Bonus is doubled if sharing the same ideology.

Ushtar Fshatarak

(Great War Infantry)

Cheaper and weaker. No maintenance cost on farms and pastures. Training one Ushtar Fshatarak trains an additional 1-2 based on city cultural output.


(Great Writer)

Experience gained by adjacent combat units adds additional culture when the Rilindas is expended, even for a Great Work of Writing. 2 maintenance-free infantry units upon expansion.


[Alt] New Zealand - Richard Seddon

Worker's Paradise

Receive a copy of the Worker Units trained by your Friends (at their location). Worker Units that originate from another Civilization generate Golden Age Points whilst improving tiles, and a lump sum or an extra turn (if a Golden Age is in progress) upon completion.



+25% Combat Strength when stacked with a Worker Unit. Worker Units inherit the Defender's movement whilst in Coast.

Chamber of Commerce


Stores the Gold output of tiles worked by the city as Food after growth.


Alto Perú - Juana Azurduy

Bloom of the Independence

Puppeted Cities generate progress toward Great Generals (+1 per turn), and provide +5% Unit Production to Allied City-States. Whenever an Allied City-State is surrounded by tiles you own, it may be instantly Puppeted.


(Great General)

May not build citadels, instead has 3 "Recruit" charges that instantly convert all adjacent City-State and Barbarian units to your civilization, granting a burst of 10 Influence to the previous owner if it was a City-State. The Caudillo restores a "Recruit" charge whenever a City is acquired (Founded/Conquered/Puppeted) or liberated within 1 tile.


(Tile Improvement)

Unlocked at the discovery of Military Science. May only be built in territory owned by Allied City-States or your own Puppeted Cities, and only once per city. The Republiqueta provides +1 Movement and +2 Vision to Units within 4 Tiles, as well as additional healing per turn to units stationed within. If the puppeted City is annexed, the Republiqueta is removed but provides a burst of Production to the city (equal to 10 turns of Production) The Republiqueta is not removed if the City-State changes its relationship, but it's instantly removed when an enemy unit occupies its tile.


Viet Nam - Gia Long

Chua Nguyen

Starting a Golden Age gives a large boost of science and grants miltary units increased combat strength for ten turns. Internal trade routes to newly annexed cites gain additional effectveness.

Chu Su


Produced twice as fast during Golden Ages, the Chu Su functions more effectively at full strength (higher combat strength) and heals faster in frendly waters. Additionally, while at full strength the Chu Su has one addtional movement.

Don Dien


Creates Farms on all viable land adjacent to the city centre once constructed, generating a boost of GA points for each. Units gain +5 xp per farm or plantation adjacent to the city centre instead of the usual bonus.


Mauritius - Seewoosagur Ramgoolam

The Mauritian Miracle

Cities produce 2 Gold for every different type of Specialist employed. Upon adopting a policy, if your stockpiled Gold exceeds the policy's culture cost, enter a 5-turn Golden Age.

Special Mobile Force


Has +3 Embarked movement if trained in a city sending or receiving a trade route. Receives a large amount of Gold for defeating Barbarians, doubled in your territory or that of a declared friend.

Aapravasi Ghat


Trade routes leaving this city produce up to +5 Gold the further away the destination is. Plantations produce +1 Gold. During a Golden age, both of these bonuses provide Culture as well, equal to the Gold.


Gurindji - Vincent Lingiari

From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Expanding borders can claim other civilizations’ tiles if they were previously under your control or are within workable range of one of your cities. Border expansion this way costs half as much culture (though gold costs are unchanged) and boosts diplomatic relations with the civilization you’ve gained tiles from.

Murramulla Station


Instead of a bonus to mounted unit production, provides +1 food pasture resources (as well as the normal +1 production). Costs 2 gold in maintenance but has no requirements to build. Provides +1 culture for every 5 population.

Union Supply Run


Internal trade routes provide +2 culture in addition to normal food or production. External trade routes provide +2 food to the originating city in addition to normal gold. Yields double upon reaching Industrialization.


Wassalou - Samori Ture

Dyula Jihads

Razing cities provides Faith, weakens enemy units within 3 tiles, and strengthens your own units within the same radius. May purchase with Faith in cities with a trade route



Slightly weaker (30 vs 34), but cheaper, and begins with +2 Combat Strength per trade route in the city it was produced in. When stationed on a captured city, provides additional Production and Food for the city.

Sere Sofa


Generates Faith upon pillaging. Upgrades to Cavalry. Upon capturing a city, restore all health and gain a burst of Faith for each citizen killed.


Çatalhöyük - Matar Kubileya

Neolithic Revolution

Receive Golden Age points per turn equal to your largest city's population. Receive a maintenance-free Agriculturalist upon settling your capital.



Builds farms and plantations faster than the standard Worker. During Golden Ages, completing builds provides food in the nearest owned city.

Mural Wall


Has a slot for a Great Work of Art or Artifact which, when filled, provides +2 Science. If the city is population 5 or larger, also receive an Artist specialist slot.


Dilmun - Utnapishtim

Land of the Living

Unit upgrades cost 50% of their base. City States never declare war on Dilmun or its City State allies, and receive a random extra yield when meeting a City State.

Kap Enki

(Tile Improvement)

Unlocked at Masonry. Can only be built on desert tiles, and must be three tiles away from any other Spring of Enki. Makes its and all adjacent tiles a source of fresh water.

Elep Darutu


Unlocks at Pottery. Influence does not decay when trespassing in City States. When in a City State's territory, trade routes will reach the city-state from a Dilmun city, regardless of distance.


Kuru - Janamejaya

Rituals of Agni

Upon completing a Pasture, you may choose to have it yield either +1 Food or +1 Faith. Cities' excess Food reduces the maintenance cost of Specialists.



Yields Faith from kills. Is stronger, and yields a greater amount of Faith, when within two tiles of a Pasture.



+1 Food in addition to the normal Faith yield. Animal resources worked by a city with a Vedi may be destroyed; doing so gives the Vedi a Writer specialist slot.


Khotan - Visa Sambhava

Jade Branch

Oasis titles worked by cities spawn a source of Silk or Jade. Roads built by workers claim the tiles for your empire.

Tiemen Guard


Can paradrop to Oasis titles in your empire or any city trading with your empire that has built a Caravansary.



Roads worked by the city have no maintenance cost. Foreign units ending their turn in a road tile worked by the city generates Culture, Faith, and Gold.

Celestial Dalek's

Hudson's Bay Company - George Simpson

Pro Pelle Cutem

Whenever you send a trade route, gain a burst of Golden Age Points and Great Merchant points. Constructing trade buildings has a chance to spawn a source of Fur.

Point Blanket Trading Post


During a Golden Age, gain a 100% increase in Trade Route range and +4 gold from trade routes. Gain a unique Point Blanket resource if there is a nearby Fur resource.

Fur Trapper

(Great Merchant)

Upon ending its turn on a Fur resource, is expended for a sum of gold to the nearest Point Blanket Trading Post.


South Sudan - Salva Kiir

Forgiven not Forgotten

During peacetime, disbanding units returns 80% of their original construction cost towards the production of buildings in their city of origin. Declaring peace with a major civilization grants +30% culture for 5 turns, extended by 2 turns for every active declaration of friendship.

SPLA Officer

(Great General)

Is earned 10% faster for every active declaration of friendship. During times of peace, may be expended in a city to provide a ‘Rise from the Ashes Day’ (+20% Food, Production, Science, and Culture for 15 turns).

Investment Authority

(Stock Exchange)

Provides no gold bonuses, but reduces the production/gold cost of buildings by 10% for every declared friend who owns the building in their capital (up to a maximum of 40%). Does not require a bank and is cheaper to produce in cities that have less buildings.


"Gift of Giving (To Myself)"
A Civ or Leader that YOU have always wanted to do or see done (whether by yourself or by a specific modder). This is basically anything goes, but truly try and think of some Civ you've been putting off, or always wanted an opportunity to do something for. If you're strapped, then doing a gift for a specific other person is also allowed. Same goes for mechanics, and art, too!

Papal States - Celement VIII

Papacy of Pearls

Foreign Capitals converting to your main religion triggers a We Love the King Day in your own. During WLtKD, city Faith output also contributes towards Social Policies. Begin with +1 Faith instead of Culture.

Corsican Guard


Does not require the Mercenary Army policy to be trained. When bought, refunds a portion of the Gold cost per city-state of your main religion. Heals or gains XP while in the borders of a city that has started a WLtKD; bonus doubled if the unit is garrisoned.



Yields +2 Faith. Fully converts city population to your main religion when built. If all citizens follow your main religion, provides a burst of Building Production upon adopting a Social Policy.


Teotihuacan - Spearthrower Owl

Lord of the West

May not found nor annex cities. Puppeted or Vassal city-states generate 10% of their yields and great person points for the capital. Trade routes from the capital to one of these cities will increase this to 20%, and provide +1 Happiness for any luxury resource at the destination.

Owl Warrior


Requires no iron. May be purchased with faith. Is more powerful when near a city with a Teotihuacano Spy, and increases the spy's odds in stealing technologies or coup d'etats.



Gains +1 Specialist slot per puppeted City or vassal City-state. Specialists in this city each generate +1 Culture, +1 Faith and +5% production towards military units.


Pitcairn Islands - Fletcher Christian

Mutiny on the Bounty

Defeating naval units on ocean tiles or within the territory of a city alone on its continent provide food to all Pitcairn Islander cities alone on their continent. Settlers provide a combat bonus for nearby naval units (which stacks with the bonus from great admirals/mutineers, and weaker than their bonus) and when settling provide food to the new city based on the time they spent in foreign territory.


(Great Admiral)

Allows nearby naval units to capture defeated units while on an ocean tile, and may be expended to capture adjacent enemy units. When expended for any purpose, spawns a settler which has +2 movement when embarked.



Maintenance and terrain requirement free garden replacement which, when constructed in a city alone on its continent, provides a copy of the unique “Pure Honey” luxury resource. Produces +1 science, culture, and gold for each Pure Honey resource exported by the Pitcairn Islands, when in a city alone on its continent.


Soviet Union - Yuri Andropov

Cold War II

Uranium Resources provide a combat bonus to units produced in the nearest city after being worked. Units from technologies in the current era provide science when defeating other units.

Akula Typhoon

(Nuclear Submarine)

Movement increase when damaged, with the more damaged the unit the more movement it gains. Can only be seen by other Nuclear Submarines.


(Bomb Shelter)

No population loss from nuclear bombs, but can only be built a maximum of 4 times.


Quern - William Maythorn

Undying Thoughts

Land units garrisoned in cities passively gain experience.

Crystal Mine

(Mine improvement)

Takes longer to build, however receives an additional yield based on the type of crystal. Yellow: 2 Science Blue: 2 Culture Red: 2 Production


(Replaces the airport)

Available at Machinery. Expensive for the era, the gateway allows for instant transportation.

Peace Theme - War Theme

Forbidden City - Puyi

Articles of Favourable Treatment

Cannot settle or annex other cities and civilian units cannot leave your borders, but Great Peoples Improvements constructed adjacent to cities add 50% of their yields to the cities tile yields. Gain +5% gold income from all sources for ever Civilization you don't have open borders.

Imperial Eunuch


It is more expansive and the cost increases by +1 Gold for every two more Eunuch Units. When finishing Improvements they have a chance to reveal improved luxury resources beneath it. The Eunuch yields a burst of Great People Points when stationed on specific Luxury Ressources entering a new age.

Foreign Tutor


Spawns only after declaring a Researching Agreement and having the Scientific Theory Technology. Can excavate improvements with luxury resources just like Ancient Sites yielding an artifact with science instead of tourism and a lump sum of Great Writing Points.

Peace Theme - War Theme

Wilusa - Piyama-Radu

Shield of the Mouse God

Trade routes emanate greater Religious Pressure, dependent on the city's Hit Points. During a WLTKD, all units trained by that city earn Faith and City-State influence from combat.

Taruiša Sabiya


Unlocked at Calendar. May traverse enemy coastal territory without repurcussions, for a cost of Faith. Can pillage naval trade routes and land trade routes close to the coast.

Sawtooth Wall


Unlocked at Agriculture. +2 Defence, +20 HP. May be rebuilt upon the onset of peace or upon the birth of every 10th citizen, each providing more Defence and HP to the city and all allied City-States.


Itelmen - Konshat

Countless Children of Mitty and Kutkha

Cities send Food and Culture for border expansion to smaller Cities on the same river. Every different river settled in the empire provides +1 Faith and Culture globally. Upon founding a Pantheon or expending a Great Prophet, a 'Devil's Tree' appears as a resource on a random Forest tile, providing +1 Faith.

Kamma Suppressor

(Composite Bowman)

If a Kamma Suppressor is stationed on the Devil's Tree, the unit loses 25HP per turn but gains 1XP and increases the Faith and Culture output of the tile. In addition, all Kamma Suppressors have +20% combat strength attacking targets on Forest or Jungle.



Provides Food on sources of Salt and Fish instead of Bananas. +1 Production in a river city. In a Snow or Tundra city, having a Pehmy enables building a *Kist*. A Kist has the same production cost as a Pehmy, and provides +3 Food, +1 Culture and +50HP to its city.


KIA - Zaw Mai

Ceasefire Capitalism

While at war, trades routes yield +5% Science and +4 Gold. Tiles bordering your enemy yield +2 Gold and +2 Defence.

Manau Grounds


Provides a burst of Great People Points when declaring peace. +2 Defence for every mountain in the city.

K-Series Rifleman


Cheaper to produce. +1 Range when next to Mountains. In enemy territory, may expend a turn to convert into a K-Series Grenadier, providing +100% bonus against cities and fortified units.

Dey Feud's

Hashashins - Rashid ad-Din Sinan

Old Man of the Mountain

Spies may perform special Missions while in foreign Cities at the cost of Faith, and you will periodically receive Contracts to perform a specified Mission in a specified City for Gold and Food rewards. Receive a Spy at Civil Service.



Weaker. Can build forts, and is stronger when fortified. May be Promoted using Faith. May be expended to perform a special mission in the place of a Spy.

Ismaili Fortress


Provides +1 faith for every Unemployed Citizen. Increases City Health and Defence for each Mountain within the City's borders.


Prussia - Frederick William III

Cross of Iron

Great People that begin garrisoned in cities increase military production and the experience of land units, and units trained in those cities yield points towards the Great Person that was garrisoned in the city upon being promoted.

Free Jagers

(Gatling Gun, Sharpshooter with EE)

Available with Rifling. Ignores difficult terrain, and may push enemies back upon attacking. Land units that begin adjacent to it also may push enemies back upon attacking.

National Cavalry (?Uhlan?)

(Cavalry replacement)

Upgrades to Landship. Land units of a different type that begin adjacent to it have +5 Combat Strength until the start of the next turn, and it gains +3 Combat Strength for each adjacent land unit of a different type until the start of the next turn.

Etruscan Boar's

Ecuador - Jaime Roldós

Roldós Doctrine

Trade Deals with neutral Civilizations award Influence with neighboring City-States. Renewing said deals begins a WLTK day in the Capital and an additional random City for each deal being renewed.



Unlocked at Ecology. Until being fully healed, enemy units attacked by IWIAS receive -1 Movement and are damaged each time they enter a Woods or Jungle tile owned by Ecuador or its neutral trade partners.



May be expended to increase the local Happiness of a City following your Religion by +1. Happiness earned this way increases the duration of WLTK days in the city. Happiness from Cucuruchos is consumed once a WLTK day ends.


Cowboys - Johnny Ringo

Oath Over Blood

Improving a Horse Resource with a Pasture grants a Mounted Unit, and each pasture with a Horse increases the Gold output of Merchant Specialists by +1. Mounted Units started with extra experience for every 100 gold in your stockpile.



Less of a penalty towarrds attacking Cities (-20% vs -33%), and generates Gold from doing so. - May 'rustle' pasture resources in Neutral territory, sending a copy towards the nearest City.



Has a Great Merchant specialist, and Great Merchant specialists produce less Unhappiness. - Mounted Units defeated nearby have a chance to be converted to your side, chance increasing for every Horse you aren't using.