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Bougainville led by Francis Ona is a custom civilization mod by Grant.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Bougainville is an autonomous region in Papua New Guinea. The largest island is Bougainville Island, while the region also includes Buka Island and a number of outlying islands and atolls. The interim capital is Buka, though it is expected that major government services and buildings will be moved to Arawa, following reconstruction.

In 2011, the region had an estimated population of 250,000 people. The lingua franca of Bougainville is Tok Pisin, while a variety of Austronesian and non-Austronesian languages are also spoken. The region includes several Polynesian outliers where Polynesian languages are spoken. Geographically the islands of Bougainville and Buka are part of the Solomon Islands archipelago, but are politically separate from the independent country of Solomon Islands. Historically the region was known as North Solomons.

Bougainville has been inhabited by humans for at least 29,000 years. During the colonial period the region was occupied and administered by the Germans, Australians, Japanese, and Americans for various periods. The name of the region originates from French admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainville, who reached it in 1768.

Bougainvillean separatism dates to the 1960s, and the Republic of North Solomons was declared shortly before the independence of Papua New Guinea in 1975; it was subsumed into Papua New Guinea the following year. Conflict over the Panguna mine became the primary trigger for the Bougainville Civil War (1988–1998), which resulted in the deaths of up to 20,000 people. A peace agreement resulted in the creation of the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

In late 2019, a non-binding independence referendum was held with 98.31% voting for independence rather than continued autonomy within Papua New Guinea.

Bougainville Revolutionary Army[]

The Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) was a secessionist group formed in 1988 by Bougainvilleans seeking independence from Papua New Guinea (PNG). The leader of the BRA was Francis Ona who led the BRA against the Papua New Guinea Defence Force during the violent 10 year conflict. Not all BRA members agreed to the Peace Treaty and boycotted it, and have held out in an official no-go zone, protected by members of the Meekamui Defence Force, currently commanded by Moses Pepino.

BRA leaders argued that Bougainville is ethnically part of the Solomon Islands and has not profited from the extensive mining that has occurred on the island. In 1989, BRA leaders proclaimed Bougainville independent from PNG and established the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG). As a result, fighting between the BRA and the PNG Defence Force, with support from Australia, escalated.

In January 1991, the Honiara Declaration was signed under which both sides agreed to a ceasefire. This ceasefire was soon broken and fighting continued. In 1997, Bill Skate of the People's National Congress Party was elected Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea and promised that peace in Bougainville would be his highest priority. This led to the signing of a ceasefire agreement, the Rotokas Record, and a movement towards peace and the autonomy of Bougainville. As a result, the BRA is no longer actively engaged in fighting, although some of its leaders are involved in the ABG.

Francis Ona[]

Francis Ona (c. 1953 – 24 July 2005) was a Bougainville secessionist leader who led an uprising against the Government of Papua New Guinea as part of the Bougainville Civil War. He and his followers were concerned about the environmental and social effects of the operation of the Panguna mine by Bougainville Copper, a subsidiary of Rio Tinto Group.

On 17 May 1990, Ona declared the independence of the Republic of Me'ekamui. It was not recognised internationally. In May 2004 Ona proclaimed himself "King of Me'ekamui." While resisting the peace process and 2005 elections, Ona mostly stayed in a safe haven, where his BRA forces controlled territory. He died of malaria in his village.

Dawn of Man[]

A struggle awaits, King Francis Ona, feared leader and liberator of the Bougainville people! You led a revolt againt international and colonial oppressors that grew into an island-wide war for independence. While others viewed violence as immoral, you recongised that armed conflict was the only way to gain true freedom for the island. Against all the odds and a global coalition of enemies, your troops armed with makeshift rifles repelled their advances and defended the economoic wealth of the island. While ignored and refused a voice in the susequent peace process, your legacy was such that the island, years after your death and the establishment of the Kingdom, voted for complete independence. You became an icon, a role model, for liberation movements around the world.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Commander! While your people are unified in independence, foreign forces once again seek impose their dominion on Bougainville. Your holy kingdom grows ever weaker, as the great veterans of the conflict fade into obscurity. Every Bougainvillean looks to you, their King, to ensure that their independence is final. They look to you as you alone have the knowledge to outsmart the invaders. So, commander, will you rise to the occasion? Will you return to the holy kingdom? Will you build a civilization that will stand the test of Time?

Introduction: "Who are you? Are you here to invest in our vast natural wealth? Or are you here on behalf on the Papuans? Speak, friend, I do not care for long negotiations."

Defeat: "We are at peace, it seems. You may govern in the cities and towns, but we will always hold supremacy among the villages and vast forests of this place. Independence is not a cause I can be persuaded out of."

Unique Attributes[]

Bougainville (Francis Ona)

Art by Grant

Coconut Revolution

Cities will raise militias on mined resources if invaded, which ignore terrain penalties if raised during a We Love the King Day. During war, receive the yields of mines of city states and allied cities nearest to your empire.


Art by Grant

Me'ekamaui Defense Force (Marine)
  • More expensive to train, and unlocked earlier at Radio.
  • May attack twice while in Jungle.
  • +50% attacking Strength against units recruited with Gold Gold.
  • -50% attacking strength outside friendly territory.

Art by Grant

U-Vistract (Stock Exchange)
  • Recieve a free U-Vistract upon improving Copper Icon Copper, once per era.
  • While a Greatperson Great Merchant is in the territory of Citystate City-States or another civilization, Production Production from worked mines and Tourism Tourism is converted into border culture and WLKTD length is doubled.
City List
  1. Arawa
  2. Buka
  3. Panguna
  4. Buin
  5. Wakunai
  6. Kara
  7. Kokopau
  8. Torokina
  9. Lemankoa
  10. Tangari
  11. Mosigo
  12. Tarlena
  13. Kunapopo
  14. Orava
  15. Hanahan
  16. Toimonapu
  17. Amun
  18. Koripobi
  19. Siara
  20. Isinai
  21. Bogisage
  22. Kupi
  23. Puto
  24. Kopikiri
  25. Aropa
  26. Kunua
  27. Ibu
  28. Taruba
  29. Aku
  30. Puputun
  31. Vito
  32. Taki
  33. Motupena
  34. Konga
  35. Boku
  36. Jaba
Spy List
  • Musingku
  • Doaninoel
  • Katua
  • Kurongku
  • Semoso
  • Hakena
  • Tsiamalili
  • Sarei
  • Momis
  • Akoitai



Peace Theme War Theme

Banban Bamboo Band


Bamboo Band @ Islander Amy's 21st

"Unknown", from Banban Bamboo Band and Graham Keating. "Unknown", from Bougainville Bamboo Band.
Bougainville icon

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop Downloader
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 17 May 2020


  • Grant: SQL, Text, Art, Mod Support, lua
  • TophatPaladin: Lua
  • Bougainville Bamboo Band: War Theme
  • Banban Bamboo Band: Peace Theme
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