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Bora-Bora under Puni is a custom civilization by JakeWalrusWhale, with contributions from Arilasqueto.

This mod requires Brave New World and the Polynesia DLC.



The Kingdom of Bora-Bora was first documented by explorer Jakob Roggeveen, in 1722. However, James Cook was the person who first made contant with the Bora-Bora people, in 1769. This was when Puni was in power. Bora-Bora had a rivalry of two clans, Sons of Hiro and Vaiotaha (they were the maraes used by the two clans). Puni was part of the Sons of Hiro clan, and gained control of Bora-Bora, and was even able to conquer Tupai, Ra'iatea, Taha'a, Maupiti, Huahine, Motu One, Manua'e, and Maupihaa. This was Bora-Bora's greatest extent. With Puni's death, his nephew, Topa I, ruled, but the islands were ruled with very poor authority under her rule, so the islands slowly feel into disunity.


1769 was the first documented existence of Bora-Bora and Puni. This was also when Puni (Teihotu Matarua) was in power, although how long his reign was and his birthdate is unknown. Puni was the Ari'i Rahi of Bora-Bora, which is the "Great Chief" of the kingdom (Has the most power). He made an alliance with Taha'a to dominate Ra'iatea and Maupiti. Puni eventually had control of the atolls of Manua'e, Motu One, Maupihaa, and Tupai. In 1773, when Cook landed there for the second time, he reported that Puni had control of the atoll at Huahine. Puni died on May 8th, 1791, on the island of Maupiti. He gave control to his nephew, Topoa I.

Dawn of Man[]

"Purifying glory to you, Ari'i Rahi Puni of the Kingdom of Bora-Bora! You conquered the Society Islands, and secured peace inside your control. You came into contact with the Europeans, and introduced them your strong empire. You united the broken clans and people of the islands, and got them to work with one another. You and your people were able to live peacefully, after the long years of war which pushed your people ever closer. You became a legend on the island of Bora-Bora.


Art by Arilasqueto

Great Wayfarer, can you unite your people under one name once again? Can you travel the seas and conquer the lands as you did once before? Can you be a diplomat in the name of our people in order to give us a good name? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Hello, explorer! I'm Puni, ruler of the this here island of Bora-Bora and all the islands that surround it. Bask in its beauty, and my glory."

Defeat: "You really wish to control the island of Bora-Bora itself? Very well, but its residents have reputations for causing trouble..."

Unique Attributes[]

Bora-Bora (Puni)
Puni icon crop

Art by Arliasqueto

Sons of Hiro

Great Admirals can 'recruit' adjacent barbarians, at the cost of FaithIcon Faith.. Barbarian-born units have +25% Strength Combat Strength, can gain Gold Gold, FaithIcon Faith, or Great Admiral points on kill, and can be expended to make a barbarian camp. However, they may disband when at peace for too long.

Eia crop

Art by JakeWalrusWhale

'eiā (Privateer)
  • After starting its turn on an Atoll, gains +100% Strength Combat Strength for the next 2 turns
  • Provides bonus points towards a Great Admiral on kill.
Oro crop

Art by JakeWalrusWhale

'Oro Grounds (Shrine)
  • This city and Atolls near this city can heal adjacent units, providing extra FaithIcon Faith when doing so.
  • FaithIcon Faith output in this city also goes towards Great Admiral points.
City List
  1. Nunu'e
  2. Vaitape
  3. 'Uturoa
  4. Patio
  5. Fa'anui
  6. Anau
  7. Tevaitoa
  8. 'Avera
  9. Fare
  10. Poutoru
  11. Tiva
  12. Vai'ea
  13. Tupai
  14. Fetuna
  15. Maro'e
  16. Ha'apu
  17. Puohine
  18. Fiti'i
  19. Tehurui
  20. Manua'e
  21. Vaia'au
  22. Tefareri'i
  23. Maeva
  24. Fa'a'aha
  25. Vaito'are
  26. Ha'amene
  27. Tapu'amu
  28. Faie
  29. Opoa
  30. Hipu
  31. Maupihaa
  32. Pauma
  33. Farauru
  34. Petei
  35. Motu One
  36. Motu Piti A'au
  37. To'opua
  38. Tevairoa
  39. Motu Murimaora
  40. Motu Vavaratea
  41. Motu Ara'ara
  42. Motu Auira
  43. Motu Vaiorea
  44. Motu Mahare
  45. Motu Tuanai
  46. Motu Pae'ao
  47. Motu Tautau
  48. Motu Tiapa'a
  49. Motu Mute
  50. Motu Pitiahe
  51. Motu Tehutu
  52. Nao Nao
Spy List
  • Teariimaevarua
  • Ari'ifaaite
  • Pomare
  • Topoa
  • Tamatoa
  • Teri'to'-o-terai
  • Mato
  • Vetea-ra'i
  • Opai-pai
  • Tetua-nui-reia-i-te-ra'i-atea


Bora Bora icon


Peace Theme War Theme
"Vivo A Hina" by O Tahiti e. "Ori Tahiti" by Mahealani Uchiyama.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Additional Achievements[]

Pora pora mai te pora!

  • Win as Bora-Bora.

You look familar...

  • As Bora-Bora, get an Atoll within your borders.

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now living on your atolls and becoming outcasts. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 4
Last Updated: 15 January 2022


  • JakeWalrusWhale- Art (Map; Unit, Building Icons, Unit Model, Action Icons), Code, Design, Text, Research
  • Arilasqueto- Art (Leaderscene; Civ, Leader Icons)
  • PorkBean- Unit Model help
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