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The Bomber is a Bomber unit available in the Atomic Era.


A bomber is an aircraft designed to rain destruction down upon enemy troops, armor, and infrastructure. Bombers generally have very long range, allowing them to fly deep into enemy territory to drop their deadly loads. While they may possess machine guns or other close combat weaponry, bombers are basically helpless against enemy fighter aircraft and require an escort of friendly fighters to protect them against hostile airpower.

All major powers used bombers in World War II. The German "blitz" sought to destroy British industries (not to mention London and other cities) from the air, and the Allied bombers reciprocated, dropping tons of explosives on German cities, factories, railroads, and other infrastructure. In the Pacific Japanese bombers attacked Allied cities and military facilities, the assault on Pearl Harbor being a notable success. As they gained air dominance the Allied air forces wreaked havoc on Japanese cities and armed forces. Bombers (and their cousins the ballistic missiles) are still the deadliest weapons in modern arsenals.


The Bomber is the next-generation attack plane, significantly stronger than its predecessor. More importantly, it has greater operational range, allowing it to reach targets that are farther away from its base. Otherwise, it obeys the same rules as the Great War Bomber - use it the same way, and with the same precautions.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
America (Washington)

America (Roosevelt)

  • Has Evasion 50
  • Starts with the Siege I promotion
  • +7% Strength (Washington)
Biafra Baby
Biafra (Ojukwu)
  • Cheaper to produce (325 vs 375)
  • Slightly weaker (60 vs 65)
  • Receives a notable Combat Bonus (25%) when attacking targets in Open terrain.
  • Receive a free Biafra Baby whenever a civ with whom you have a Traderoute Trade Route discovers Radar.
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