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Civ IV Traits in Civ V[1] by Bingles is a mod that adds additional unique abilities to each civilization. Inspired by a similar mechanic in Civilization IV (known as "Traits"), the mod assigns 14 unique abilities to the existing 43 civilisation leaders, based upon their historical and in-game personalities. Many custom civilizations also feature support for this mod.

Traits List[]

Each civilization leader is assigned two unique abilities from the list below. These traits do not replace existing unique abilities.

Trait Effects
War Aggressive
  • -33% Military upkeep costs
  • All melee and Gun units start with free Drill I and Shock I promotions
  • +100% Production towards Barracks and Armories
Happy Charismatic
  • +1 Happiness in every city
  • +1 Happiness from every Monument, Broadcast Tower and Happiness building
  • Units gain experience 50% faster
  • +100% Production towards Colosseums and Circuses
CultureIcon Creative
  • +2 Culture per city
  • +2 Culture per 5 Population in a city
  • +100% Production towards Monuments and Amphitheaters
Influence Diplomatic
  • +2 Influence from trade routes with city states, +3 Influence if you can demand tribute
  • Once allied with a city state, the city state receives a permanent bonus to Defense, Food, Production, Science and Gold
  • +100% Production towards Caravansaries and Harbors
Food Expansive
  • +3 Food per city
  • +1 Population when founding a new city
  • +100% Production towards Granaries and Forges
Gold Financial
  • +10% Food and +10% Production in cities connected to the Capital
  • Internal Trade Routes generate +50% Food or Production
  • City connections generate 50% more gold
  • +100% Production towards Aquaducts and Stables
Citystate Imperialistic
  • +100% Great General and Admiral birth rate
  • +4 Happiness per general and admiral and +2 Happiness from Courthouses
  • +100% Production towards Courthouses and +25% Production towards military land units
Production Industrious
  • +50% Production when building wonders
  • +1 Production from Specialists
  • +100% Production towards Workshops and Stone Works
Science Inventive
  • +2 Science per city
  • +1 Science per Specialist
  • 25% of base Production is added to Science
  • +100% Production towards Libraries and Watermills
Trade Mercantile
  • +1 Gold per luxury resource worked by a city (increases to +2 Gold after researching Economics)
  • Markets, Banks and Stock Exchanges generate 50% more gold
  • +100% Production towards Markets and Mints
Greatperson Philosophical
  • +100% generation of Great People
  • +1 Culture and +50% Tourism from Great Works
  • +100% Production towards Universities and Gardens
Strength Protective
  • +50% City range attack strength when a unit is garrisoned
  • +15% Strength for units in friendly territory
  • +100% Production towards Walls and Castles
Great Explorer Seafaring
  • Building Lighthouses provide 1 free Workboat
  • Building a Harbor in the Capital provides 1 free Cargo Ship and 1 additional trade route
  • All Military naval units receive the Seafaring Promotion*
  • +100% Production towards Lighthouses and +25% Production towards military naval units
* First has +1 Movement. In the Classical Era, it receives +1 sight. In the Medieval Era, it gets +10% attack. In the Renaissance Era, it gets +10% Defense. For the next 4 eras it repeats until it is +2/+2/+20%/+20%.
FaithIcon Spiritual
  • +1 Faith per city
  • +1 Faith per 5 citizens in a city (bonus doubles after discovering Theology)
  • +100% Production towards Shrines and Temples

Notes and References[]