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Biafra led by Ojukwu is a custom civilization by RawSasquatch/Kramer, with contributions from DMS, DarthKyofu, TopHatPaladin, Chrisy15 and Senshi.

This mod requires Brave New World. It is part of the 12 Days of Africa event.



Biafra, officially the Republic of Biafra, was a state in West Africa which existed from 30 May 1967 to January 1970; it was made up of the states in the Eastern Region of Nigeria.

Biafra's declaration of independence from Nigeria resulted in civil war between Biafra and Nigeria. Biafra was formally recognised by Gabon, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Tanzania and Zambia. Other nations, which did not give official recognition but provided support and assistance to Biafra, included Israel, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Rhodesia, South Africa and Vatican City. Biafra also received aid from non-state actors, including Joint Church Aid, Holy Ghost Fathers of Ireland, and under their direction Caritas International, and U.S. Catholic Relief Services. Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) also originated in response to the suffering.

Its inhabitants were mostly Igbo, who led the secession due to economic, ethnic, cultural and religious tensions among the various peoples of Nigeria. Other ethnic groups that were present were the Efik, Ibibio, Annang, Ejagham, Eket, Ibeno and the Ijaw among others.

After two-and-a-half years of war, during which almost two million Biafran civilians died from starvation caused by the total blockade of the region by the Nigerian and British governments, Biafran forces under Nigeria's motto of "No-victor, No-vanquished" surrendered to the Nigerian Federal Military Government.


Oxford-educated Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu joined the Nigerian army, against his wealthy father's wishes, hoping to play an integral role in the nation's affairs once Nigeria had gained independence from Britain. Instead, due to his ethnic loyalties and to political events, he became the leader of the Biafrans during a bloody civil war in Nigeria. Although claiming some early victories, his forces were fighting against troops backed by Britain, Russia, and most of Europe. For three years, Odumegwu Ojukwu fought to keep Biafra from being annihilated. With supply lines cut, an estimated eight million Biafrans slowly starved to death.

After the civil war ended in 1970, Odumegwu Ojukwu lived in voluntary exile. He was invited back to Nigeria in 1982, and Nigerian leaders have sought his counsel as the African nation charts its future.

Dawn of Man[]

"We salute you, General Emeka Ojukwu, President of Biafra, and leader of the Igbo people! Amidst the chaos of military coups, clashing conspirators, and a wave of genocidal anti-Igbo violence throughout Nigeria, you made a stand to protect your people. You proclaimed Biafra's independence on May 30th, 1967, sparking a bloody war with Nigeria. Biafra's men and women fought fiercely to preserve their new nation alongside hardened mercenaries, but the odds were against you. Backed by both Western superpowers and the Soviets, Nigerian forces rained hell upon the citizens of Biafra for 3 blood-drenched years, killing millions through famine and disease alone. Biafran minds and those in her employ were of brilliant ingenuity, fashioning weapons to go toe-to-toe with the equipment of superpowers, but Federal troops pushed ever onwards and the human cost of the war was too terrible to continue any longer. But although Biafra surrendered in 1970, the flame of freedom has never truly died out in her supporters.


Art by RawSasquatch

President Ojukwu, Biafra calls for your leadership once more in this brave new world. There are many foes that would see her crushed and subjugated, and the task is yours to defend her. Will you show the world the power of Biafra, repelling all those who stand against you? Can you build a civilization to stand the test of time?"

Introduction: " You stand in the lands of Biafra. Respect our people and treat us like you would your own brothers, and we shall respect you in turn and treat you with dignity. "

Defeat: "Err... please excuse me, I've got a plane to catch..."

Unique Attributes[]

Biafra (Ojukwu)

Art by RawSasquatch

Ahia Attack

While at war, Strategic Resources yield +1 Production Production and +1 Gold Gold, and Oil Oil quantity is doubled. Tiles blockaded by an enemy provide 100% of their Production Production and Gold Gold yields to your nearest city, and enemy tiles you blockade provide 50%.


Art by RawSasquatch

Biafra Baby (Bomber)
  • Cheaper to produce (325 vs 375)
  • Slightly weaker (60 vs 65)
  • Receives a notable Combat Bonus (25%) when attacking targets in Open terrain.
  • Receive a free Biafra Baby whenever a civ with whom you have a Traderoute Trade Route discovers Radar.

Art by RawSasquatch

Red Devil (Bazooka)
  • Faster (4 Moves vs 2) with more Range.
  • Significantly weaker (75 vs 85 Strength Combat Strength, and 80 vs 85 Strength Ranged Strength.)
  • Possesses a unique promotion, "Ogbunigwe", causing its attacks to deal slight damage to anything adjacent to its target, including cities and friendly units.
  • Unlocked at Combined Arms and requires Oil Oil.
City List
  1. Enugu
  2. Part Harcourt
  3. Aba
  4. Owerri
  5. Onitsha
  6. Uyo
  7. Calabar
  8. Umuahia
  9. Awka
  10. Abakaliki
  11. Yenagoa
  12. Uli
  13. Ikom
  14. Ogoja
  15. Nnewi
  16. Ugep
  17. Asaba
  18. Udi
  19. Okpoko
  20. Ikot Ekpene
  21. Orlu
  22. Okigwe
  23. Buguma
  24. Nsukka
  25. Umudike
  26. Uturu
  27. Agbani
  28. Awgu
  29. Aguleri
  30. Bonny
Spy List
  • Effiong
  • Jan
  • Von Rosen
  • Lynn
  • Rolf
  • Taffy
  • Nnamdi
  • Anuku
  • Roland
  • Johnny Oche


Biafra is just one of those Civs that’s just outright bizarre; there’s no cohesive strategy to it at first glance, so trying to untie the Civ’s internal chaos is part of the job of developing something for it. Again, it is a Civ that thrives when used as a battering ram, and the UA is a more powerful version of Russia’s UA during wartime, and Russia’s UA is outright great. Both UUs are late but quite powerful. As is the order, most of the Civs that are this relentlessly powerful and militaristic put so much control in your hands, but ultimately there’s only one path that may be carved with this, and it is to go to war. Personally, overall I’d suggest a Liberty Domination strategy with the aims of utterly ravaging enemy territory from the very beginning.


Peace Theme War Theme

Finlandia - marimba cover


Finlandia, Op. 26 (As Heard In Die Hard 2)

"Finlandia (Marimba Cover)", by eemikun "Finlandia, Op. 26", from Die Hard 2: Die Harder OST

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

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Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 1 September 2019


  • RawSasquatch: Creator, XML, Art
  • DarthKyofu: Pedias, Civ Icon
  • TopHatPaladin: Lua
  • DMS: Lua
  • Senshi: TSL Support
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