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Bengal under Shuja-ud-Din Muhammad Khan is a custom civilisation by EmeraldRange and Jarcast, with contributions from ExplosiveWatermelon and others.

This mod requires Brave New World.


Bengal, situated on the apex of the Bay of Bengal and on the banks of the fertile Ganges delta is uniquely situation to be the centre of the world's population. Situated at the perfect latitude at the crossroads of the most populous yields of the world, Bengal is the world's city. It is no surprise that civilisation dates back four millennia recorded as far away as the Greeks as the Gangaridai region. Ancient Bengal was home to several kingdoms that stretched their influence out into ancient colonies and traded as far away as Arabia. Thalassocracies reigned at the entrepot of the maritime silk road and was a prized possession of several pan-Indian empires, the Gauda Kingdom and Pala Empire.

The Muslim conquest of the Indian subcontinent brought Bengal into the Islamic world. In the 13th century, Bengal was a province of the Delhi Sultanate. In 1352, Ilyas Shah created an independent Bengal Sultanate that would rule for two centuries where Bengal because a mighty trade kingdom and Sufism delved further into Bengal. Bengali literature became to replace the strong hold of Sanskrit and the region slowly Islamised.

Nawabs of Bengal[]

The Nawab of Bengal was the hereditary rule of the Bengal Subah, or autonomous province. The title of Nawab was comparable to Grand Dukes in Europe. By the early 18th century, the Nawab of Bengal was a de facto independent ruler who oversaw the provinces of Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa. The Nawabs were the backbone of the Mughal court and became one of the wealthiest rulers of the world able to assert their independence to the Mughals given the declining power of Mughal dynasties.

The period of Nawab rule was also a period of proto industrialization. The Bengal Sultanate before them had established Bengal as a major trading power with the ability to trade the resources of South Asia to the rest of the world. The textiles industry was particularly important and lucrative, and Bengal-Bihar-Orissa became a major production centre for cotton muslin cloth and silk cloth. Aurangs, or workshops, were created to make the textile production more efficient and the massive amount of people added to the factories set up in the cities of Bengal. Beyond textiles, factories to make ships, gunpowder and metal were also set up in the region. All the extra production further accelerated Bengal's lucrativeness to traders, particularly the British.

Shuja-ud-Din Muhammad Khan[]

Shuja-ud-Din was, in his early years, a governor of the province of Orissa. Known for inclusive policies, Shuja-ud-Din made a quick enemy in Murshid Quli Khan- the Nawab of Bengal. Shuja-ud-Din wasn't pleased with the idea that he would soon serve under Murshid's descendant, and was later convinced that he would be the better ruler. Preparing to take over Bengal, he received support from the Mughal Emperor to take power. Taking the capital of Bengal, Murshidabad, Shuja-ud-Din quickly assumed the title of Nawab and sent a gracious donation to the Mughal Emperor to thank him for the support. For this, Shuja-ud-Din received numerous titles.

British East India Company and Bangladesh[]

hrough some rights given by Nawabs, the British East India Company set up a base around Calcutta alongside other European companies looking to produce and trade the massively lucrative products of Bengal. Eventually with Industrialised British production lines, the British East India Company eventually managed to rival the authorities of the Nawabs after Maratha invasions of the region. The British refused to pay taxes and incited anger.

The Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah took drastic action by sieging Calcutta which prompted a British counter-defence that defeated Siraj in 1757. Mir Jafar was installed as a puppet and his successor tried to stop the British but was unable to. The Nawab of Bengal continued to reign under the British and an attempt by the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam to stop it only paved the road for Britain to move into India. It took until 1858 for the British to abolish the symbolic authority of the Mughals and create new titles for the Nawabs. Calcutta would become the de facto capital of British India as Bengal became Britain's strongest hold on the subcontinent.

Dawn of Man[]

May God smile upon you, Shuja-ud-Din Muhammad Khan! The state you inherited was not an open one. Your predecessor was cold and unfriendly, and his policies even moreso. However, when you took over with the support of the Mughals, you were determined to create a benevolent nation. Your kindness was well-known, as was your ferocity in war. Your kindness was well-known, as was your ferocity in war. No man in Bengal was a just as you were, nor as inspiring. Truly you were deserving of the titles Guardian of the Country, Hero of the State, and Lion in War.

Bengal LS

Leaderscreen by EmeraldRange

Alas, the prosperity of Bengal drew unparalleled envy and greedy forces. Your successors, not a fraction of the leader you were, could not halt them. Can you rebuild the legacy of the Bengali people? Can you establish an unwavering legacy that shines in the light of God? Can you build a Civilization that can stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Welcome to Paradise, traveller. I am Shuja-ud-Din Muhammad Khan. Make no mistake; I am the ruler here."

Defeat: "You can raze our fields and bombard our factories, but can you truly tame this tiger?"

Attacked: "You ride the back a tiger seeking pride over wealth, and you will end up inside when I'm done with you."

Unique Attributes[]

Bengal (Shuja-ud-Din Muhammad Khan)

Art by EmeraldRange

Paradise of Nations

Cities send Food Food and Production Production to other cities on the same river based on the number of specialists in the destination city. Manufactories increase yields of trade routes in the nearest city by 3% (max 15%).


Art by EmeraldRange

Katra (Caravansary)
  • It has one Engineer Specialist slot.
  • +1 Gold Gold on River Tiles.
  • +2 Gold Gold and +50% range to land and sea Trade Routes.
  • Completing a Traderoute Trade Route grants Greatperson Great Engineer points and a temporary boost to Food Food proportional to the amount of Gold Gold per turn generated.
UU Icon

Art by EmeraldRange

Paik[1] (Crossbowman)
  • It starts with the Amphibious Promotion.
  • It gains +1 Range when on rivers, and this ability is retained upon upgrade.
  • While embarked, stacked Naval Ranged units can attack at +1 Range.
City List
  1. Murshidabad
  2. Dhaka
  3. Kolkata
  4. Chittagong
  5. Patna
  6. Sonargaon
  7. Midnapore
  8. Goraghat
  9. Sylhet
  10. Rangpur
  11. Darbhanga
  12. Nasirabad
  13. Plassey
  14. Gauda
  15. Fathabad
  16. Jessore
  17. Satgoan
  18. Hajipur
  19. Durgapur
  20. Khulna
  21. Motijheel
  22. Kishenagur
  23. Serampore
  24. Mahmudpur
  25. Rajshahi
  26. Cuttack
  27. Gaur
  28. Jellasore
  29. Jharkhand
  30. Hooghly
  31. Chandernagore
  32. Bissunpore
  33. Madaripur
  34. Mymensingh
  35. Tarwas
Spy List
  1. Muhammad
  2. Murshid
  3. Sharmin
  4. Jannatul
  5. Abdul
  6. Sadia
  7. Basu
  8. Neepa
  9. Mahin
  10. Taslima
  11. Nazmul
  12. Umme



Peace Theme War Theme
"Blissful Santoor Instrumental-Bhatiyali Dhun-Bengali Folk"; "Rise of Nations Bengal Soundtrack"
Bengal Icon smol

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

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Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 25 October 2020



Full Credits List[]

  • EmeraldRange: Art, Texts, Design
  • Jarcast: Code, Lua, Design
  • ExplosiveWatermelon: Design, Texts
  • Anonymous Bengali friend: Culture and Language Help
  • Scissor_Fingers: Fashion Help
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  1. Athar (1994). The Paik in the Army of Delhi Sultans during the 13th century. Proceedings of the Indian History Congress vol. 55