Civilization V Customisation Wiki
Production Cost 75
Maintenance 1
Unlocked at Bronze Working

The Barracks is a building available in the Ancient Era.

Game Info[]

  • +15 Experience

With Social Policies / Tenets:

  • Militarism (Autocracy): +2 Happy Happiness


Barracks are military buildings that house a country's professional soldiers. In addition to providing food and shelter for the soldiers, they provide training and medical facilities, as well as military jails, vehicle maintenance, and so forth.

Barracks are important to a civilization's happiness and well-being. They promote cohesion among the ranks, improving the soldiers' chances of success in combat, and they control direct contact between civilians and soldiers, limiting the friction that is almost universally caused when the two groups intermingle overmuch.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Academy of War Qin (Shi Huang)
  • +1 Greatperson Great General Point
  • +5 Science Science when researching Military Technologies
Akíchita Tipi The Sioux (Sitting Bull) (LastSword)
  • +1 Happy Happiness per 9 workable land tiles
  • Instead of providing starting XP, awards one promotion at random to newly-trained combat units
Donson Ton Mali (Sundiata Keita)
  • Costs +1 Gold Maintenance but may be both purchased and constructed, allowing for two in the same city.
  • +1 Happy Happiness.
Dun The Isles (Somerled)
  • -40% Production Production Cost.
  • Provides no base Experience.
  • Provides +7 Experience per adjacent water tile.
  • If built in a conquered City, provides a free Naval Unit upon construction.
Foundry Xia (Yu)
  • Has 1 slot for a Greatwork Great Work of Art
  • When filled:
    • +2% CultureIcon Culture per Dynasty
Kantone Brandenburg (Friedrich Wilhelm I)
  • +5XP per finished Social Policy tree
  • Provides CultureIcon Culture and Production Production while training a Unit
Karbay The Kalinago (Kairouane)
  • Provides additional Experience based on the amount of damage the city has taken
  • Provides +2 Happy Happiness
Kisir-Sharrim Babylon (Hammurabi)
  • No Maintenance and +30 XP for newly trained Units when built in the Capital Capital.
  • +2 Local Happy Happiness and +15 XP for newly trained units when built outside the Capital Capital.
Krepost Russia (Catherine)
  • -25% CultureIcon Culture or Gold Gold cost for acquiring tiles
Krepost Russia (Peter I)
  • -1% CultureIcon Culture cost for acquiring tiles per tile distance from the Capital Capital
  • +4 Strength Strength
  • +33% Production Production cost
Ikanda The Zulu (Shaka)
  • Grants unique promotions to pre-Gunpowder melee units
Mekter The Hyksos (Apophis)
  • Upon being first built in a conquered city, grants +3 Experience to all units, or 5 if not trained in a city with a Mekter (max 15)
Mercenary Camp Numidia (Massinissa)
  • Garrisoned units can be upgraded to UUs of in-game Civs/City-States
  • Purchased units can move immediately
Royal Barracks The Hittites (Mursili II)
  • No Gold Maintenance cost
  • One unit becomes Maintenance-free
Sanheyuan Icon
Sanheyuan Formosa (Liu Yongfu)
  • +5 XP for newly trained Units per Declaration of Friendship
  • +1 Food Food if the City has an international Trade Route
Stronghold The Goths (Alaric I) (LastSword)
  • Unlocked at Agriculture
  • +2 Food Food and CultureIcon Culture while training Melee, Mounted or Archery Units
Yaranga The Chukchi (Lawtiliwadlin)
  • In Coastal cities, +5 XP for each worked Sea Resource
  • In Inland cities, +3 XP for each worked Bonus Resource
  • Border expansion increased for each point of experience provided to newly trained units
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