Civilization V Customisation Wiki
Specialists 1
Production Cost 200
Unlocked at Banking

The Bank is a building available in the Renaissance Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Bank requires a Market or any of its replacements.

  • +2 Gold Gold
  • +25% Gold Gold
  • +1 Gold Gold per incoming Traderoute Trade Route
  • Has 1 slot for a Merchant Specialist

With Social Policies / Tenets:

  • Mercantilism (Commerce): +1 Science Science
  • Capitalism (Freedom): +1 Happy Happiness


A bank is an institute where citizens can place their money to keep it safe. The banker collects the deposits and lends them out to other people, who pay back the money they've been loaned, plus an additional fee (or "interest"). The banker passes along some of the profits to the depositors, and reinvests the remainder. A successful banking system requires a working currency and laws ensuring that most borrowers will repay their loans if able.

Banks are remarkable engines for growth in a civilization. If a city needs something - a new granary, for instance - no individual citizen may be able to afford to construct it. However, since it contains the savings of many different citizens, the bank can afford to loan the builder the money. Once the granary is constructed the builder can use the profits to pay back the bank, and the city's citizens all benefit from the cool new granary (as well as from the interest they've earned on their deposits).

Banks in Europe and the United States have gotten something of a bad rap in recent years, but this is generally because many of them dabbled in risky investment schemes or because they made loans to clearly unsuitable people. A well-run bank is a godsend to a community, especially to a poorer one.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Advisory Stænderforsamling Denmark (Frederick VII)
  • Requires Market.
  • +2 and +25% Gold Gold.
  • 1 Merchant Specialist slot.
  • In Cities other than the Capital, Specialists increase CultureIcon Culture output by 5% each, and in the Capital, +1 Goldenage Golden Age Point per turn.
Icon Bonyad
Bonyad Iran (Khomeini)
  • Every FaithIcon Faith-yielding building in a city with a Bonyad provides +2 Gold Gold.
  • When you purchase a building with Gold Gold, you may choose to receive a portion of the building's cost as either FaithIcon Faith or Production Production.
Development Society Albania (Zog I)
  • +3 Gold Gold to foreign Traderoute Trade Route owners rather than +1.
  • Provides CultureIcon Culture when a building from a previous era is built or Science Science if it was bought.
Estate Poland-Lithuania (Sigismund II)
  • +1 Gold Gold from Horses, Sheep, and Cattle
  • +1 Happy Local Happiness for each different type of these resources worked
JFD MexicoFinca Icon
Finca Mexico (Maximilian I)
  • +1 Happy Local Happiness.
  • Contains an additional Merchant Specialist slot.
  • Merchant Specialist worked in this building yield CultureIcon Culture equal to their Gold Gold output.
Hanse Germany (Bismarck)
  • +5% Production Production per Trade Route with a City-State
Hudson's Bay Company Canada (Lester B. Pearson)
  • +1 Gold Gold from Forts
  • Trained units receive the Colonial Capitalism promotion (+1 Gold Gold while on a Fort or Citadel and +15% Strength Combat Strength when starting a turn on a Trading Post)
Yoshimune ub
Komekaisho Japan (Tokugawa Yoshimune)
  • Does not provide any base Gold Gold yields or modifiers.
  • When built in a city other than the Capital Capital, provides Gold Gold equal to 2 raised to the power of the number of domestic Traderoute Trade Routes going into the city, and Science Science equal to a quarter of that amount.
Mezze Lebanon (Majid Arslan)
  • Increases the Greatperson Great Person spawn rate by +10% per Religion present in the city, to a maximum +50%.
Palazzo Milan (Gian Galeazzo)
  • Generates Greatperson Great Merchant points equal to 10% of the city's Gold Gold output.
  • +4 Strength City Strength.
  • Grants double Gold Gold to City Plunder if the City is captured.
Royal Trading House Portugal (Manuel I)
  • Does not require a Market.
  • Automatically claims all Luxury Resources within two tiles.
  • Grants Gold Gold for each Luxury Resource claimed by this city
Potlatch House The Coast Salish (Seattle)
  • Causes Traderoute Trade Routes with foreign cities to produce +2 Food Food and +1 Happy Happiness in both cities, rather than additional gold.
  • Each Potlatch House increases the Influence influence level of your Law of Generosity trait.
RAET Bank Brazil (Itamar Franco)
  • +5% CultureIcon Culture.
  • +5% Production Production during WLtKD, or if Gold Gold Per Turn is positive (this effect stacks).
Satrap's Court Persia (Darius I)
  • +1 additional Gold Gold
  • +2 Happy Happiness
Templar House Jerusalem (Baldwin IV)
  • Instant Gold reward upon sending Trade Routes, based on Faith output of Cities.
  • Unlocked at Chivalry
Trades Hall Australia (Paul Keating)
  • 1 additional Merchant specialist slot (2 total)
  • Trade routes to City-States from this city provide +1 Influence Influence per turn for each Specialist slot filled.
Village Cooperative Guyana (Cheddi Jagan)
  • +1 Gold Gold from Food Food Resources instead of from Traderoute Trade Routes.
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture from each Happy Happiness building and +1 Production Production from Merchant Specialists in the city.
Wine Company Portugal (Pombal)
  • Provides 1 Gold Gold for every Luxury Resource tile in range of the city when a foreign Trade Unit ends its turn in range
  • If built in a coastal city, Luxury Resources provide double quantity
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