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Balhae led by Dae-Heummu is a custom civilization mod by Grant, with contributions from EneraldRange, TopHatPaladin, and DarthKyofu.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The Kingdom of Balhae was a political union of the semi-nomadic Mohe, Khitans, and Korean-speaking communities, which succeeded the long-lived Goguryeo kingdom, lasting from its establishment by the former Goguryeo general and Mohe chieftain Dae Joyeong (r. 699 - 719 CE) to its conquest by the Khitan confederation in 926. At its zenith, its territories reached far into the modern-day Russian Far East, encompassed the northern half of the Korean Peninsula, and extended to the Liao River in northeastern China. Although variously classed as a Tang client state, a puppet of the Japanese Emperor and an ethnic Korean state by Chinese, Japanese and Korean scholars respectively, Balhae was, as borne out by archaeology, linguistics and history, a unique multiethnic experiment in state formation that established a common identity that was to last until the destruction of its final successor state, Heungyo, in the mid-11th century.


Dae-Heummu or King Mun was the third, and longest-reigning, ruler of the state of Balhae. During Dae-Heummu's reign, diplomatic ties with the Tang dynasty were established, and many Balhae scholars went to the Tang empire to study, extending the influence of Buddhism and Confucianism in Balhae's governance. He also strengthened relations with Silla, which unified the Korean peninsula to the south of Balhae, overseeing the development of the trade route called the Silla Road Diplomacy and trade relations were also extending with the Japanese court.

His major achievements were the movement the capital of Balhae several times (Sanggyeong and Donggyeong), the stabilization and strengthening of central rule over various ethnic tribes (primarily Mohe and Tunguistic language-speakers) in his realm, the frontiers of which which were expanded to the north and south. He also authorized the creation of the Jujagam (the national academy), based on the famous national academy of the Tang, the Guozijian. During his reign, the state peacefully coexisted not only with Silla but with the rump state of Sogoguryeo (Little Goguryeo) to the south-west.

Dawn of Man[]

The world bows before you, King Dae-Heummu, sovereign king of Balhae! You were unrivalled in the lands between the Tang and the Silla, forging a multiethnic state of nomads, warriors, sailors and farmers that recieved the recognition of emperors east and west. More than a warlord, you promoted the spread of noble customs and ideals that spiritually guided your governance. But you were also a practical ruler, seeing past old enmities and building an unshakable trade route to the Silla, sending ceramics, textiles and furs in exchange for gold, grain and other valuables. You knew also that a strong state needed a strong capital, and you constructed a new capital on the banks of a great lake. It was also under your auspices that the holy cemetery on the mountain was raised, inscribing your relative's and ancestor's deeds in Chinese script but with the flourish of ages past. Alliances were the thread that held your frontiers together, and only on your death, with no son or daughter to succeed you, did these start to fray.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Great King! The throne of heaven has long been your own. Yet the regimes of man have done unnumberable harm on your people, bled dry by false ideals and the corruption of a warlord elite. The land of Balhae is now known only for pain, hunger and death. The time is due to leave your celestial court and led your people back into the prosperous sunlight, when the rugged northern land was the envy of all around it. Can you restore the mountain kingdom? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of Time?

Introduction: "Welcome! You stand before the sovereign ruler of Balhae, in whose land a great happiness extends throughout. What do you seek?"

Defeat: "We are warriors first and hunters second. If we cannot rule in the cities, we will rule in the woods, and if we cannot rule in the woods, we will lord over the mountain peaks and wait until your tired men fail to climb their heights."

Unique Attributes[]

Balhae (Dae-Heummu)

Art by Grant

A Kingdom Carved in Stone

Positive diplomatic favour among major and minor civilizations permanently affects the cost of training land units. Receive the Gold Gold yield of improvements belonging to a friendly civilization when traversed by your Trade Trade Units.


Art by Grant

Great Bear Guard (Longswordsman)
  • Requires a source of Stone in the empire.
  • +1 Strength Strength from Embassies and recent Declarations of Friendship.
  • When stationed in a founded city, Gold Gold taken from pillaging enemy units in the vicinty is immediately returned.

Art by Grant

Jujugam (University)
  • +1 Science Science from Wheat and exotic food sources.
  • Generates +2 Happy Local Happiness if the city is the destination of a Traderoute Trade Route from a major power.
City List
  1. Sanggyeong
  2. Toudao
  3. Junggyeong
  4. Donggyeong
  5. Namgyeong
  6. Seogyeong
  7. An
  8. Buju
  9. Makju
  10. Jeongju
  11. Anju
  12. Hwaju
  13. Deongnijin
  14. Yeongju
  15. Yeonhaeju
  16. Chonghae
  17. Xigucheng
  18. Baliancheng
  19. Dongjingcheng
  20. Cheonmunryeong
  21. Hoewon
  22. Bakjak
  23. Ogol
  24. Geonan
  25. Madushan
  26. Iju
  27. Ansi
  28. Yodong
  29. Baegam
  30. Bisa
  31. Sin
  32. Gaemo
Spy List
  • Geolsa
  • Ya-bal
  • Wodala
  • Zhaodeshi
  • Nansali
  • Manhwa
  • Hyeon
  • Mun-hyu
  • Yanlin
  • Jeonghye




Peace Theme War Theme
Promise from my Heart (Long Version) from the Shadowless Sword OST. ? from The Silent Sea OST.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 4 January 2023


  • Grant: Code, Research, Art, Text, Design, Mod Support
  • Shadowless Sword OST: Music (Peace Theme)
  • The Silent Sea OST: Music (War Theme)
  • Darth_Kyofu: Icon help
  • TopHatPaladin: Lua snippets
  • EmeraldRange: Unit model

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