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Commonwealth of Australia
Map by TPangolin
Map by TPangolin
John Curtin
Start Bias
Avoid Tundra
req. mod

Traits req. mod
Industrious, Diplomatic
Map Labels Language req. mod
Alt. Leader For req. mod

Australia led by John Curtin is a custom civilization by Colonialist Legacies.

This mod requires Brave New World.



For most of its history, the land known as "Australia" has been inhabited by various Aboriginal peoples, who were isolated from the rest of the world. Upon the European discovery of this vast landmass in 1606, many countries tried to take portions of it. Eventually, the British took the entire island of Australia, turning it into one of their most prosperous - and largest - colonies. Due to the vast amount of available land, the British Empire sent convicts to the territory, as a way of keeping the British Isles crime-free. Eventually, in 1901, Australia got its first Prime Minister, and eventually independence from Great Britain. As a newly-formed nation, Australia joined the First and Second World Wars, helping to put its place on the world map. Today, Australia is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, as well as having strong economic and political links with other countries.

John Curtin[]

Wildly popular and widely respected, the Right Honorouable John Curtin was an Australian politician who was the 14th Prime Minister of Australia from 1941 to 1945. It wasCurtin of whom successfully led Australia through the period when the nation was directly threatened by the Japanese advance in World War II, and is today widely regarded as one of the country's greatest ever prime ministers.

Dawn of Man[]

Praise be upon you, John Curtin, 14th Prime Minister of Australia.Yours is a vast and unique land, and its people coming from all walks of life for thousands of years. It was you who fought for the rights of the working man as a member of the Australian Labor Party, as well as being a strong advocate for the rights of women and children. Coming into your own, you became Prime Minister in 1941, in the heat of the Second World War. You worked with your allies to defend your homeland from the Japanese threat, helping to defeat the enemy at Milne Bay, avenging those who had died during Japansese bombing runs on Darwin and Queensland. You also took great strides in setting up a far-reaching, federally administered range of social services, improving the lives of thousands, including the indigenous people of the country, for many years to come. Though your death was early, you created a legacy which would live on to this day.


Art by LastSword

O John Curtin, the masses cry out for you once more. Will you raise your people up, and make the world take cover? Will you build a civilization that stands the test of time?

Introduction: Australia, as a state, has pledged herself to freedom, vigilance, and, if necessary to maintain freedom, sacrifice. What say you? Introduction: I am John Curtin, representative of Australia. In Australia, there is today an intense love of country. I wish for you that your people love your country as much.

Defeat: This is, indeed, a grevious loss.

Unique Attributes[]

Australia (John Curtin)

Art by DJSHenninger

The Rats of Tobruk
Military units deal attrition damage to adjacent enemies when Fortified and units in City-State territory do not decrease Influence. When a Social Policy is adopted, gain a Production boost in your Cities (More for every Allied City-State). 

Art by TPangolin

Kokoda Trailman (Infantry)
  • -9.33% Production Cost (340 vs 375)
  • -14.3% Combat Strength (60 vs 70)
  • May spawn Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels when below 50 HP in Forest or Jungle

Art by TPangolin

Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel*Standalone civilian unit
  • Cannot be captured
  • Begins with Medic I and can freely move through rough terrain
  • Gives stationed combat units the ability to freely move through rough terrain

Art by DJSHenninger

Dingo Scout Car (Landship)
  • -3% Production Cost (340 vs 350)
  • -16.66% Combat Strength (50 vs 60)
  • +1 Movement (5 vs 4)
  • +1 Sight (3 vs 2)
  • Ignores Enemy Zone of Control
City List
  1. Canberra
  2. Sydney
  3. Melbourne
  4. Brisbane
  5. Adelaide
  6. Port Moresby
  7. Darwin
  8. Perth
  9. Hobart
  10. Newcastle
  11. Gold Coast
  12. Wollongong
  13. Kokoda
  14. Townsville
  15. Geelong
  16. Buna
  17. Sunshine Coast
  18. Cairns
  19. Broome
  20. Kimberley
  21. Cooktown
  22. Mildura
  23. Albury-Wodonga
  24. Toowoomba
  25. Ballarat
  26. Bendigo
  27. Launceston
  28. Rockhampton
  29. Mackay
  30. Bundaberg
  31. Coffs Harbour
  32. Jarvis Bay
  33. Broken Hill
  34. Byron Bay
  35. Port Macquarie
  36. Orange
Spy List
  • Blamey
  • Herring
  • Waters
  • Vera
  • Vivian
  • Burnett
  • Drummond
  • Crace
  • Potts
  • Dougherty




Peace Theme War Theme

Orchestral adventure acoustic folk music - Breathing of Australia


Turn My Crimson Into White - Stephen J Anderson

'Breath of Australia', by Yuri Borin 'Turn My Crimson Into White', by Stephen J Anderson

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

Deploy the Scrap Iron Flotilla[]

Prime Minister, it seems that our enemies may have the drop on us in terms of naval superiority. As we are ill equipped, we believe it to be a good idea to re-equip our inferior vessels with provisions that will help them take the enemy head on.


  • Player must be Australia
  • Must be at War
  • At least one Coastal City
  • Must be in the Modern Era or later
  • At least 3 Ironclads
  • Can only be enacted once


  • 750 Gold
  • 150 Culture
  • 2 Sources of Iron
  • 1 Magistrate


  • All Ironclads Receive additional Movement and gain Combat Bonus outside Friendly Territory.
  • +15% Production when building Naval Units.

Implement the Empire Air Training Plan[]

"Prime Minister, our allies have asked that we deploy our air forces to combat the growing threat of our mutual extinction. Instead, we council that the Government should split the Air Force into two units, one focused on repelling the enemy, and the other on training more air forces. If we do this, we should be able to double the size of the Royal Australian Air Force!"


  • Player must be Curtin's Australia
  • Player must be at war
  • Must have discovered Radar


  • 2 Magistrates


  • For the next 20 turns, Air Units produced in Cities are destroyed upon construction. Each Air Unit built during this time will increase the starting XP for Air Units built in the city by +5 XP.
  • After the 20 turn period has ended, receive Culture for each Air Unit built based off of their starting XP

Unique Cultural Influence[]

“Our people are now wearing your Akubra hats and buying your plush Marsupials. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture.”

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop Downloader
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 26 April 2016


  • TPangolin: Concept, Map, Icons, Pedias
  • Neirai: Lua, Decisions
  • Senshi: Pedias, Compilation, Icons
  • LastSword: Leaderscreen
  • DJSHenniger: Icons
  • calcul8or: Lua
  • RawSasquatch: Unit Graphics
  • Typhlomence: Unit Graphics
  • asioasioasio: Unit Graphics
  • Wolfdog: Unit Graphics
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