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Commonwealth of Australia
Map by Regalman
Map by Regalman
Henry Parkes
Start Bias
Anglicanism (HR)
Uniting Church (AR)
Government req. mod
req. mod

Traits req. mod
Industrious, Charismatic
Map Labels Language req. mod

Australia led by Henry Parkes is a custom civilization by Colonialist Legacies, produced by TPangolin and Neirai, with contributions from Charlatan Alley, Viregel, LastSword, JFD, Civitar, FramedArchtitect, Ekmek, Wodhann, Regalmanemperor, and Codefreak5.

This mod requires Brave New World. It replaces the City-State of Sydney with Kingston and Melbourne with Luxembourg.



For most of its history, the land known as "Australia" has been inhabited by various Aboriginal peoples, who were isolated from the rest of the world. Upon the European discovery of this vast landmass in 1606, many countries tried to take portions of it. Eventually, the British took the entire island of Australia, turning it into one of their most prosperous - and largest - colonies. Due to the vast amount of available land, the British Empire sent convicts to the territory, as a way of keeping the British Isles crime-free. Eventually, in 1901, Australia got its first Prime Minister, and eventually independence from Great Britain. As a newly-formed nation, Australia joined the First and Second World Wars, helping to put its place on the world map. Today, Australia is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, as well as having strong economic and political links with other countries.

Henry Parkes[]

Parkes is a notable figure in Australian history as he effectively formed the country out of the various colonies of Britain - this has earned him the title of "Father of the Australian Confederation". He is also notable for the vast amount of reforms he made to the land, most of which are still in place today. Overall, Henry Parkes was a unifying force that managed to create a strong, prosperous nation that plays a large part in world affairs today.

Dawn of Man[]


Civilization V Mod Leader Henry Parkes of Australia - Colonialist Legacies

Greetings, most wise and prudent Henry Parkes, father of the Australian Federation. Australia truly is a unique and ancient land, more so than any other, for its lands abound in nature's gifts and its shores have beckoned, welcomed, and harbored immigrants from afar for over 50,000 years. By the time you arrived in Sydney as an English immigrant in 1839, Australia was divided into thriving British colonies of undeniably vital significance. By 1889, as premier you had led the colony of New South Wales five times to achieve many great things that undoubtedly improved the lives of many. You will always be remembered, however, in the hearts of Australians, for being instrumental in the process of federating the Australian colonies into a single united nation, earning you the humble title of "The father of the Australian Federation". Thanks to your efforts, Australia today remains one of the most wealthy, prosperous, and modern countries in the developed world, and truly a sight to behold.

O Henry Parkes, your people call for you in joyful strains once more. Will you make the rest the world hear the thunder of Australia? Will you build a civilization that stands the test of time?

Introduction: The great people of Australia welcome you, as do I. My name is Sir Henry Parkes, and it is a pleasure to meet you.

Introduction: It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Henry Parkes of Australia. Don't just stand there! Please, make yourself at home.

Introduction: Welcome to Australia, my friend! My name is Henry Parkes, would you like to hear some of my poetry? No? Perhaps another time, then.

Defeat: I shall die happily, knowing that Australia was once a proud and mighty nation far exceeding the ideals of your unequivocally barbaric ways.

Defeat: Nothing, not now and not ever, will break the Australian spirit.

Defeat: And so a legacy comes to an end. Yet know this: Australia will always shine, though your men may plunder her.

Unique Attributes[]

Australia (Henry Parkes)

Art by TPangolin

Boundless Plains to Share

Settlers found Puppeted cities that generate +1 Tourism Tourism. +1 Tourism Tourism for each outgoing Naval Trade Route. Cities that generate +2 Tourism Tourism or more expand Cultural Borders twice as fast. 


Art by TPangolin

Digger (Great War Infantry)
  • +15% Strength Combat Strength on land adjacent to Coast or in foreign territory
  • Starts with the Cover I promotion
  • Does not obsolete at Plastics

Art by TPangolin

Prime Minister (Great Writer)
  • Provides political quotes as Greatwork Great Works of Writing
  • Upon birth, all non-puppeted coastal cities yield +1 Tourism Tourism per owned land tile outside workable limits
City List
  1. Sydney
  2. Melbourne
  3. Brisbane
  4. Canberra
  5. Perth
  6. Adelaide
  7. Gold Coast
  8. Darwin
  9. Greater Newcastle
  10. Sunshine Coast
  11. Wollongong
  12. Hobart
  13. Geelong
  14. Townsville
  15. Cairns
  16. Mildura
  17. Toowoomba
  18. Ballarat
  19. Bendigo
  20. Launceston
  21. Albury
  22. Mackay
  23. Rockhampton
  24. Bundaberg
  25. Bunbury
  26. Coffs Harbour
  27. Hervey Bay
  28. Broken Hill
  29. Shepparton
  30. Gladstone
  31. Port Macquarie
  32. Tamworth
  33. Traralgon
  34. Orange
  35. Geraldton
Spy List
  • Russell
  • Nicole
  • Hugo
  • Cate
  • Naomi
  • Geoffrey
  • Jack
  • James
  • Heather
  • Tony
Prime Minister Names
  1. Malcolm Fraser
  2. Bob Hawke
  3. Robert Menzies
  4. Alfred Deakin
  5. Kevin Rudd
  6. John Curtin
  7. Edmund Barton
  8. Andrew Fisher
  9. Ben Chifley
  10. John Howard
  11. Gough Whitlam
  12. Julia Gillard
  13. Harold Holt
  14. Paul Keating
  15. Billy Hughes
  16. Stanley Bruce
  17. Tony Abbott
  18. Malcolm Turnbull



Australia, in gameplay, can be considered a composite between fellow colonial civs America and Brazil; their Diggers are some of the most versatile units in the game which allows for a Domination victory to possible (especially for civs along the coast), while both their Prime Ministers and their UA provide a great advantage in culture as well as perks to land grabbing. Like the rest of the colonial civs, Australia starts off as weaker in the early-to-mid game before really coming to shine in the late game. When playing, one should try their best to keep out of conflict and focus on trade and infrastructure throughout most of the game. With your trade routes, you should be able to have a good amount of culture as well as enough money to fund a larger workforce. Upon researching Replaceable Parts, your Workers can be upgraded to Diggers, which are still useful beyond Plastics, when other civs can upgrade their soldiers to Infantry. With this, you can turn your Workers into a large military force capable of fighting off previously much stronger empires at any time, without having to wait for them to be produced. By late game, you should be able to cruise towards a Cultural Victory, and your Digger units will provide an excellent defensive force capable of turning an invasion by another empire around into an offensive on their lands.


Peace Theme War Theme

Australia - Sir Henry Parkes Peace


Australia - Sir Henry Parkes War

'Welcome to Australia' from the movie Australia 'Waltzing Matilda' from the movie Australia

Mod Support:[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events & Decisions[]

Resolve the Capital Dispute[]

Our two great cities, Sydney and Melbourne, have been at loggerheads as to which should be the national capital since the process of federation began. Such madness cannot be allowed to continue if we are to remain unified as a nation. Perhaps a different solution is called for…


  • Player must be Australia
  • Must have founded four Cities
  • All Australian cities must be annexed
  • May only be enacted once per game


  • 500 CultureIcon Culture
  • 1000 Gold Gold
  • Magistrates Magistrates


  • The fourth city founded by Australia becomes the Capital Capital
  • A Prime Minister appears in the new Capital Capital
  • A Goldenage Golden Age begins
  • Cultural Greatperson Great People generation rate increased by 25%

End the Dingo Madness![]

The dingo, far from being basically the canine equivalent of the crazy old homeless man who shouts gibberish at passing traffic and sleeps underneath parked lorries, is in fact a menace to society, a ravager of women and devourer of innocent babes! Apparently! Which happened somewhere… we think… anyway, let’s put up a massive fence and ignore the rabbits, blackberries, and prickly pears that actually damage our environment beyond repair.


  • Player must be Australia
  • Must have at least 5 Pastures
  • May only be enacted once per game


  • 500 Gold Gold
  • Magistrates Magistrate


  • +1 Food Food from Pastures

Cities in Development[]

Colony List
  1. Mabo
  2. Monash
  3. Mawson
  4. Perkins
  5. Clark
  6. Cowan
  7. Banjo
  8. Florey
  9. Curtin
  10. Wake
  11. Flynn
  12. Lingiari
  13. Callister
  14. Hargraves
  15. Hollows
  16. Unaipon
  17. Jandamarra
  18. Bennelong

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Struth mate, our people are now wearing your Akubra hats and buying your plush Marsupials. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop Downloader
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 4
Last Updated: 7 December 2015

  • TPangolin: Concept and Art
  • Neirai: XML and Lua
  • codefreak5: Digger Infantry code
  • Charlatan Alley: Voice Acting
  • Viregel: Civilopedia Entries
  • Movie 'Australia': Peace Theme: Welcome to Australia, War Theme: Waltzing Matilda
  • Bamington: Inspiration
  • LastSword, FramedArchitect, Civitar, JFD: Lua
  • Ekmek: 3D Leader, with additional help by bernie14 and textures by Wodhann
  • Regalmanemperor: Map
  • Civitar: Compiler
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