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The Atomic Bomb is a Bomb unit available in the Atomic Era.


First nuclear weapon of the game. Delivered via bomber. Requires Manhattan Project and Uranium Uranium.

Common abilities:

  • Evasion (50)

Special traits:

  • Blast radius (2 tiles)
  • Nuclear Fallout


  • Rebase Mode: Order the air unit to rebase to another city or Carrier


An Atomic Bomb is the first weapon of mass destruction in the game. It's represented by a bomber unit, so it works the same way as an airplane and can be based in a player-owned city or aboard a Carrier. It can move from base to base or attack a target within its range of 10 tiles.

When it detonates, an Atomic Bomb will damage cities and hurt units within its blast radius of 2 tiles, and will kill any unit on the tile it hits, including aircraft and civilian units. All improvements within the blast radius are destroyed (as if Pillaged), and the tiles become radioactive (affected by fallout). The bomb also reduces (kills) approximately half of the Population of a target city, down to a minimum of 1. This can be reduced by the construction of a Bomb Shelter in the target city. The bomb is automatically destroyed when it attacks.

Since the Atomic Bomb is delivered by a bomber, it is supposed to be possible for an opponent with sufficiently strong anti-air defenses (e.g. Anti-Aircraft Guns and Mobile SAMs) to shoot down the plane that carries it. However, due to a bug that has been present since the game's launch, the bombers that drop Atomic Bombs cannot be intercepted. Therefore, the best defense against nuclear strikes is a good offense: either nuke your opponents before they can nuke you, or cut off their Uranium supplies to prevent them from building and using weapons of mass destruction.

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