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Asturias led by Alfonso I is a custom civilization mod by Grant, with contributions from Regalman.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Asturias is an ancient and diverse land, host to dozens of empires and kingdoms. Until the 2nd Century B.C. Asturias was home to the Astures and Galicae tribes, who were descended from the Celtic group that stretched across the fringes of western Europe. Despite the resistance of the tribes, they ultimately fell under the rule of Rome for several hundred years. However, they were never fully subdued, and when the Roman empire fragmented under the barrage of Gothic tribes the region of Asturias enjoyed a brief revival under the Visigoths and the Suebi. With them, Christianity was brought to Iberia, and the area remained stable until the arrival of the Umayyads, who conquered the region. However, frequent rebellions led by the Asturian leader Pelagius aided by the mountainous territory eventually forced the Umayyads to retreat to behind the Cantabrian mountains, and with that the Kingdom of Asturias was founded, called the Regnum Astorum. Through a line of powerful and decisive kings, the newborn kingdom grew from a strip of north Iberian coast to become the dominant power in North Iberia, stretching across to the lands of Leon, Galicia and Portugal at its height.

Kings Alfonso I and II solidifed its power, and by the venerable rule of King Alfonso III, it was one of the prime examples of the power of western Christendom. However, after his death the great empire split into three kingdoms: Galicia, Leon and Asturias, reducing the homeland to a petty kingdom which was the subject of squabbles between the more powerful kingdoms of Leon and Castille. As the reconquista accelerated and as the Muslim Kingdoms grew petty and small, the focus of power shifted ever south. By 1492, Asturias was but a provincial footnote in the Empire of Spain, which was soon to expand rapidly with the conquest of the New World.

Alfonso I[]

Alfonso I was the third king of Asturias, assuming the throne from his father in 739 A.D. Although not as much is known about him, unlike the detailed records of Pelagius or Alfonso III, he was solely responsible for re-uniting Asturias and conquering the lands of Galicia and Leon, which had previously been lost to the Moors. Upon his acsencion, he began a lifetime crusade against the Moors. By 740 Galicia was in his control, and by 754 he had even conquered Leon, marching his armies as far as La Rioja, near the lands of Castile. However, when he conquered these regions many feared a Moorish reprisal, and so fled to the safety of the Asturian heartlands. Alfonso encouraged this, as it meant that there was less for the Moors to capture, and it acted as a depopulated buffer zone between them and the Moors; if they invaded, they would find it hard to get supplies or seek shelter, as the region had become empty.

This was known as the Desert of the Duero, an area stretching from the Duero river to the Cantabrian mountains. Because of this, kings after Alfonso tended to focus their millitary campaigns mainly in Galicia and Vasconia. It would be a hundredf years, during the reign of the Asturian King Ordono I that the area would be repopulated again.

Dawn of Man[]

"Hail to thee, pious king Alfonso I of the holy Kingdom of Asturias! You are known as a hero to your people, a great defender of the realm, second only to the legendary Pelagius. In a time of crisis, you fought back the Heathen moors that threatened against your name, and sent them fleeing far into the south, liberating the lands of Galicia and Leon under your righteous rule. Through your great efforts you made even the grandest of caliphs tremble under your name, founding the glorious dynasty of Astur-Leon that gave forth kings of noble caliber to push back the Moorish hordes, surviving until the breakup of Asturias at the death of the revered king Alfonso III. Your achievements were the spark that turned the tide of the reconquista, the great war of liberation that so many kings tried to claim for themselves. However, the defeat of the Moors ultimatley led to your people's downfall; as the centre of Christendom fell ever south your legacy was diminised to just a footnote in history.

AlfonsoI Diplo

Leaderscreen by Grant

Oh, great king Alfonso I, heathens gather once more outside your kingdom, seeking its destruction. Can you restore your legacy and beat back forces who seek your end? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Welcome to the great and powerful kingdom of Asturias! Are you here to strengthen the bonds of Christendom, or to tear them apart?"

Defeat: "You have doomed the sacred land of Iberia to chaos and blasphemy! Someday, our people will return and rebel like my father Pelagius, wiping your armies off the face of the Earth. Alas, today is not that day."

Unique Attributes[]

Asturias (Alfonso I)

Art by Grant

Rotensian Chronicle

Gain Strength City Strength from Followers of your majority Religion. During war, all enemy units on Asturian territory have -1 Moves Movement, while any friendly units adjacent suffer no terrain penalties if also in an Goldenage Golden Age


Art by Grant

Matamoros (Horseman)
  • +42% Production Production cost (115 vs 75).
  • May be bought with FaithIcon Faith.
  • Generates Goldenage Golden Age Points from kills If at war with a civilization that has a different Religion.
  • Has a 30% chance to spawn a free Missionary if it defeats a unit within Asturian territory during a Goldenage Golden Age, increased by the number of cities with followers of your religion worldwide.

Art by Grant

  • Unlocked at Masonry.
  • Requires 1 Stone.
  • Must be built on hills.
  • May not be built next to another Torrixon.
  • +1 FaithIcon Faith.
  • +1 Production Production.
  • +1 Sight to Mounted and Melee Units (capped at +2).
  • Building a Torrixon provides +1 Follower of your religion in the nearest city.
City List
  1. Uviéu
  2. Pravia
  3. Xixon
  4. Cangas de Onis
  5. Avilés
  6. Cangas del Narcia
  7. Deva
  8. Llangreu
  9. Grado
  10. Llaviana
  11. Peñamellera Alta
  12. Colunga
  13. Ponga
  14. Ribadedeva
  15. Amieva
  16. Allande
  17. Tineo
  18. Villaviciosa
  19. Villanova de Ozcos
  20. Tapia
  21. Eilao
  22. El Franco
  23. Villayon
  24. Yernes y Tameza
  25. Teverga
  26. Miranda
  27. Las Regueras
  28. Somiedo
  29. Casu
  30. Candamu
  31. Sotu'l Barcu
  32. Cuidieru
Spy List
  • Pelayo
  • Lluna
  • Llinu
  • Benedictu
  • Conrau
  • Atenea
  • Jusepa
  • Virxiliu
  • Xurde
  • Sabel
Untitled-1 (1)


Peace Theme War Theme
"Asturias Folk" by Nordés. "Death Lullaby" from the soundtrack of Medieval II: Total War.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

Enact the Depoblación
After recent conquests against the Saracens to the South, you decided that maintaining the area south of the mountainous homelands would be an exercise in futility. You have decided to create a buffer zone separating the warring faiths, making sure that you have as little as possible to lose. Many will be displaced and will have to find new homes in the mountain towns, but it will be a much better fate than at the mercy of the villanous Moors.
  • Must be in the Medieval Era.
  • May only be enacted once per era.
  • Gold Gold.
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrates.
  • Cities on Hills gain 3 Citizen Population and a free Walls where possible.
  • Cities not on Hills lose 3 Citizen Population and lose Walls where possible.
  • Note: The Gold Gold cost increases per Hill city in your empire.
Rally for a Reconquista
After successfully defending against the Ummayyad Caliphate to the south, your people ache to see a return to Hispanic rule in the rest of Iberia. They are willing to sacrifice their arms and weapons for this fight, provided money is involved.
  • Must be in the Medieval Era.
  • Must be at war with a Religious rival.
  • May only be enacted once per game.
  • Gold Gold.
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrates.
  • 2 Matamoros, 2 Composite Bowmen, 1 Great General and 1 Missionary join your cause near the Capital Capital.

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 3
Last Updated: 31 August 2019


  • Regalman: Art (Map)
  • Walter Hawkwood: Utilities (Torrixon Model)
  • Danrell: Utilities (Unit Models)
  • Lads: Feedback
  • Grant: All else
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