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Asklepieia led by Faust is a custom civilization made by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou. It is based upon the Guilty Gear series.


Dawn of Man[]

Highest honors and praises to you, great Faust, the doctor that saved the lives of many! You are the ruler of the fledging Asklepieia. Your road was a rough one: once considered the greatest doctor of all time, your operation on a girl was stopped short by the plots of the insidious Conclave who sent the assasin Zato-1 to kill your patient. While you became mad after this happened, your bout with Justice made that period of murderous insanity short. Your journey for justice and truth eventually led to the discovery of the conspiracy, and thus a new nation was born.

Most benevolent Faust, the ill people of the world look towards you once again. Extend the lifegiving hand towards them once again, spread your medicine and bring the world an everlasting light in your new nation of Asklepieia. Can you lead your nation to greatness, Faust? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?


Faust's Asklepieia is a science and growth oriented civilization which places a great emphasis on maximizing the usage of their Great Scientist.

Faust's Great Scientist replacement, the Benevolent Mad Doctor, is what sets him apart from most other Science civilizations. While there are civilizations with Great Scientist replacements, Faust's entire set of unique abilities and components are set to enhance the capabilities of the said unit.

The Great Doctor has a slew of powerful abilities, but most of them come at a high opportunity cost. The Military Doctor promotion allows the Great Doctor to become the equivalent of the Mongolian Khans, although this would require the player to not spend the Doctor until that bonus is no longer needed. Likewise, the Tenured Doctor and the Medical Researcher also provide decent bonuses, although they also delay the timing on the doctor consumption, as the bonus requires the Doctor to be garrisoned in the city. Likewise, the ability to plant Medical Labs in the City-State for Influence and Great People Generation is also useful, although this consumes the Great Doctor, making it only useful towards Cultural and Diplomatic strategies as it comes at a cost of Science and Food that Faust would have normally received.

With the remake, the opportunity cost compared to the benefits can be reduced through the unique extra traits. Medical Training extra trait will cause the doctors to transfer its promotions to any land or sea units that shares the tile with the Doctor. Because of this, the opportunity cost of picking Tenured Doctor and Medical Researchers is significantly reduced, as the effect can be carried over to a military unit which can continue to provide the bonus that would otherwise require a doctor. Likewise, the Khan bonus can also be transferred to a unit, which may be less useful as bombers come to play, but still provide a powerful boost to Asklepieia's military. While spending a doctor on city-state still has a high opportunity cost, the Doctors Without Borders trait will allow a single Medical Lab to outperform the GP point bonus that the Medical Archives provide.

Faust's UB is also great, especially towards a more military strategy. The technology prerequisite for the Clinic is Chemistry, making Asklepieia a great civilization for an Artillery rush. Combining the UB with the Medical Training extra trait allows Faust to first make paradropping units much earlier than other civilizations, and also can be used to minimize the science loss of postponing Scientific Theory through transferring Medical Researcher promotion to one of its units.

Because of the extra growth bonuses that the Doctors provide, Faust will almost always have large cities. As such, Faust will benefit handsomely from picking Freedom, although Order's bonuses will also suit him nicely as Faust has little production bonus of his own, while also providing Science bonuses that can match Freedom's New Deal.

Unique Trait and Components[]

Asklepieia (Faust)[]

Great Doctor[]

Mathalx Faust Icon

Art Source by Arc System Works

Receive a Science Science boost equal to 25% of the Science output per turn whenever the Capital Capital grows larger than it has before. Receive a free Benevolent Mad Doctor when Education is researched. May pick an additional effect when Faust finishes a Social Policy Tree, and yet another one once Faust adopts an Ideology.

Effect Choices

  • Doctors Without Borders - Every 3 Benevolent Mad Doctors expended after this effect is chosen grant Faust 1 extra vote in the World Congress. All future Benevolent Mad Doctors gain 20 Experience, and all future Medical Labs planted in City-State territories provide double Influence Influence and Greatperson Great People Generation bonus.
  • Medical Archives - Greatperson Benevolent Mad Doctor generation rate is increased by 25%. 1 Free Benevolent Mad Doctor spawns in the Capital Capital. Spending a Doctor near one's own city grants it the special Medical Library building, which has +2 Food Food and 1 Scientlist Slot.
  • Medical Training - Citadels yield 2 more Food Food and Science Science. Spending a Doctor causes it to transfer any unique promotions it has chosen to a land or sea military unit on the same Tile.
  • Medical Mission - Trade Trade Routes increases the Food Food of connected cities by 3 if the city is owned by Faust. If the trade route is connected to another civilization, gain 3 Tourism Tourism,plus 34% of culture produced by World Wonders, Great Works, Natural Wonders and Improvements. The Tourism effect does not stack, but the food effect stacks for sending and receiving one trade route each: receiving or sending multiple trade route will not stack. Doctors gain 10 experience instead of 5 when garrisoning a city that grows to its largest size, and allows cities that already went through a We Love the King Day from planting a Medical Lab to receive that bonus again.

Benevolent Mad Doctor[]

Mathalx Faust Doctor Icon

Art by Kazuki Takahashi

(Replaces Great Scientist)

Can be spent to open (Standard Speed) 8 turns' worth of Goldenage Golden Age, and plants into a Medical Lab instead of an Academy. When garrisoning a city, this unit gains experience when the city reaches its highest population (Grows), which can be used to unlock new effects in the form of promotions. Has 4 movement and 2 Sight range. Consuming the doctor causes the nearest city owned by the civilization up to 4 tiles away to receive a sum of food.

Promotion Choices

  • Space Shifter - May paradrop up to 12 tiles when starting the turn in friendly territory.
  • Military Doctor (1-3) - Increases the healing rate of adjacent units by 10 per level. Receives the Great General bonus when the 3rd level is chosen.
  • Devoted Doctor - Spending the Doctor causes the empire to enter a Goldenage Golden Age, and causes all units in friendly territory to heal 50 HP.
  • Tenured Doctor (1-3) - Garrisoning a city causes the city to produce 10% more Food Food per level.
  • Medical Researcher (1-3) - Garrisoning a city causes the city to produce 1 Science Science per 10 Citizen Citizens per level.

Doctor's Clinic[]

Mathalx Faust Doctor Clinic Icon

Source: Rustic Period by SBS

(Replaces Airport)

Technology Requirement is shifted to Chemistry. Loses the Tourism Tourism-related effect of a vanilla airport, but retains the other effects of the Airport, and produces 5 Food Food, and 1 Science for every 5 Citizen Citizens in the city. Costs 2 maintenance instead of 5, and costs 300 Production Production. Comes with 1 Scientist Slot.

Benevolent Mad Doctors created in the city receives 15 experience, enough for 1 promotion.

Medical Lab[]

Can be planted by a Benevolent Mad Doctor. Yields 2 Food and 6 Science by default, and yields 2 more Science Science with the discovery of Scientific Theory and Atomic Theory, as well as 1 Food Food and Science Science with the discovery of Ecology and Biology.

Can also be planted on City-State territory, which grants the owning civilization +15% Greatperson Great Person Point modifier to all cities, applied once per city-state. Creating a Medical Lab in a city-state causes the civilization to receive 80 Influence Influence with the City-State.

Planting a Medical lab near Faust's own city for the first time causes the city to enter a 40 turn We Love the King Day.

The auxiliary bonuses are not unique to Faust, meaning any other civilizations which acquires a Benevolent Mad Doctor through any means (e.g. Patronage finisher) will receive any eligible bonuses.

City List
  1. Faust's Laboratory
  2. Asklepieion
  3. Nea Kos
  4. Hippokrateia
  5. Salkis
  6. Baek Hospital
  7. Florencia
  8. Pasteurion
  9. Avicenna-Ibn Sina District
  10. Nightinggale Sanctuary
  11. Schweitzer's Mission
  12. Tonj Leper Colony
  13. So Rok Do Leprosy Hospital
Spy List
  1. Hua Tuo
  2. Hippokrates
  3. Salk
  4. Schweitzer
  5. Ibn Sina
  6. Baek In-Je
  7. Lee Tae-Suk
  8. Hanai
  9. Chun Yu Yi
  10. Nightinggale
  11. Hildegarde
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
    • Oh? A newcomer! Come, have a seat, we'll get to diagnosis soon.
    • Who's this? Ah, a newcomer to the hospital. Relax, my medical practice has been decades old and proven.
  • First Greeting (Shimyoung)
    • Ah, feel at ease, this is the hospital. You don't feel anything down there, you say? Wait only a moment.
  • First Greeting (Eirin)
    • What's this? A fellow doctor? Well, well, I do sincerely wish a good future between both of us, perhaps we'll share our medical secrets.
  • Defeat
    • Oh no! This is a day most black! I have been brought to ruin without avenging the girl!
    • Curse you, fool! You've just taken down a world treasure!


Peace Theme War Theme

Guilty Gear Xrd "Destructive Goodwill" Remix


Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- "Engage" Remix

"Destructive Goodwill" Remix by gvgkid (Original soundtrack by Arc System Works) "Engage" Remix by gvgkid

Mod Supports[]



Convene in the Hippocratic International
A doctor's duty is to tend to the sick, and the ultimate goal is to keep all the diseases under control, if not wipe them out. As one of the world's greatest doctors, your presence and approval will advance international efforts towards medicine greatly. All you need to do is to invest a small sum of resources to a convention.
  • Player must be Faust's Asklepieia
  • Can be enacted once per era.
  • 100 Gold Gold per era in Standard Speed.
  • 50 + n*100 where n is the Era and n=0 in Ancient Era FaithIcon Faith before Industrial Era
  • 200*n where n=1 in Industrial Era CultureIcon Culture on or after Industrial Era.
  • 1 Magistrates Magistrate
  • 1 Free Benevolent Mad Doctor

Notes and References[]

Full Credits[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 5
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2017

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • Sukritact: LUA inspiration
  • JFD: LUA inspiration
  • Whoward69: UI Tutorial
  • Arc System Works: DOM Artwork source, Intellectual Property, Leader Icon
  • oro: Diplomatic scene source
  • gvgkid: Leader War and Peace Themes
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: Benevolent Mad Doctor Icon
  • Nyar: Map Image
  • SBS: Doctor's Clinic Icon
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