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Map by Klisz
Map by Klisz

Argive led by Urza[1] is a fictional custom civilization by Klisz[2].

This mod requires Brave New World.



Argive was the most northerly of the three coastal kingdoms of Terisiare on Dominaria, and homeland of Urza and Mishra.


motherfuckin' URZA

Dawn of Man[]


Art by Grzegorz Rutkowski

Hail great Urza, Lord High Artificer of Argive! You and your brother Mishra were apprentices to the archaeologist Tocasia, studying the ancient Thran civilization and their highly advanced artifice. When you and Mishra each found half of a Thran powerstone, your sibling rivalry exploded into an all-out war, as both you began restoring and improving Thran war machines. Eventually, you ended the Brothers' War by using the Golgothian Sylex to create a ruinous blast - one of the most apocalyptic disasters in Dominaria's long history.

The Sylex Blast killed Mishra and destroyed the island of Argoth, but you survived, your planeswalker's spark igniting. Over the next few thousand years, you struggled against the machine hell of Phyrexia and its abomination of a god, Yawgmoth. Through this period you became arguably the single most significant individual in the entire history of the Multiverse, and you ultimately sacrified yourself as part of your Legacy Weapon to destroy Yawgmoth forever. Urza Planeswalker, your genius in artifice is required once again. Will you surpass the glory of even the ancients? Will you build a civilization to stand the test of time?

Introduction: "I am Urza, Lord High Artificer of Argive, Yotia, and Korlis. This had better be important; I have some Thran tomes to study..."

Introduction: "An "envoy from a distant civilization"? I don't believe that nonsense for a second. Mishra sent you, didn't he?"

Defeat: "Before your glory, yes, even this makes sense."



Unique Attributes[]

Argive (Urza)

Art by Keith Parkinson, edited by Klisz

Antiquities of the Thran

Receive two bonuses instead of one for each Ancient Ruin cleared. Science Science buildings provide +1 Production Production and vice versa for each Artifact in the city.


Art by Amy Weber, edited by Klisz

Ornithopter (Triplane)

  • -39% Production Production cost (126 vs. 325)
  • -41% Ranged Strength (14 vs. 34)
  • Unlocked at Archaeology
  • No Strategic Resource requirement

Art by Klisz

Urza's Tower
City List
  1. Penregon
  2. Kroog
  3. Tolaria
  4. Koilos
  5. Citanul
  6. Korlinda
  7. Storgard
  8. Epityr
  9. Yavimaya Hollow
  10. Tarnrish
  11. Pincar City
  12. Elbreth
  13. Argivia
Spy List
  1. Tawnos
  2. Kayla Bin-Kroog
  3. Barrin
  4. Rayne
  5. Jhoira
  6. Karn
  7. Teferi
  8. Xantcha
  9. Ratepe
  10. Gerrard Capashen


Mod Support[]

Full Credits List[]

  • whoward69: Utilities (PlotIterators)
  • Pazyryk: Utilities (TableSaverLoader)
  • DarkScythe: Utilities (TableSaverLoader Serializer)
  • Sukritact: Utilities (SetPlotYield taken from Tibet)
  • Danmacsch: Utilities (CountDemGreatWorks taken from Ethiopia Pack)
  • Grzegorz Rutkowski: Art (Leaderscene from Urza, Lord High Artificer)
  • Keith Parkinson: Art (Leader icon edited from Mind Over Matter)
  • Amy Weber: Art (UU icon edited from Ornithopter)
  • Klisz: All else

Notes and References[]

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