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The Archaeologist is a Civilian unit available from the Industrial Era.


Special civilian unit for archaeological discoveries. May only be trained in cities with a University.


  • Construct an Archaeological Dig (Converts an Antiquity Site into an Archaeological Dig.)


The Archaeologist is the means by which you use the archaeological system in Brave New World. They are a civilian unit that becomes available pretty late in the game. On top of that, they may only be trained in cities with a University and may not be purchased with Gold. They are pretty mobile, and their job is to go to an Antiquity Site and dig it up, creating an Archaeological Dig. This consumes the Archaeologist, but allows you to either create a Landmark improvement or extract an Artifact to fill in a Great Work of Art slot in a Museum, Palace, Hermitage, or certain wonders. It is worth noting that an Archaeological Dig can be constructed anywhere your Archaeologist can go (rival territory if you have an Open Borders agreement), and thus artifacts can be obtained from Antiquity Sites outside your borders.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Adastra (Amicus)
  • Cannot create archaeological digs
  • May be expended in major civilizations for a small tourism boost
  • May be expended in city-states for an influence boost
  • Provides science when expended
  • Available earlier at Education
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