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Production Cost 100
Maintenance 1
Unlocked at Engineering

The Aqueduct is a building available in the Classical Era.

Game Info[]

  • 40% of Food Food is carried over whenever a Citizen is born


An aqueduct is a system for moving water from a water supply at one location to another location, historically to irrigate crops away from natural water bodies. The word derives from the Latin for "water" and "to lead," and the aqueduct is most traditionally associated with the Romans. The most famous Roman aqueduct is the Pont du Gard in France. But the Romans were not the only civilization to build aqueducts! Magnificent and complicated aqueducts were built all over the world, including at Ninevah, capital of the Assyrians, and the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan in North America.

The principles of aqueduct planning and construction are the same today as they were millennia ago, and humans continue to move water great distances to make our lives easier.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Djik Holland (Floris V)
  • More expensive to produce and has a higher maintenance cost
  • +1 Food food on river tiles
  • +10% Gold gold
GreatBathIcon wikia
Great Bath Harappans (Priest-King)
  • Unlocked at Masonry
  • Yields +1 Food Food for every river tile
  • 1 Engineer specialist slot
Karez The Medes (Cyaxares)
  • Whenever a new citizen is born, the Karez will add 50% of the Production output of the city as food, in addition to the usual bonus of the Aqueduct.
Agla Ahmadnagar MalikAmbar Neher
Neher Ahmadnagar (Malik Ambar)
  • Carries less Food Food over when a Citizen Citizen is born (35% vs 40%).
  • Contains an Engineer Specialist slot.
  • Engineer Specialists yield +2 Food Food.
  • +1 Happy Local Happiness from Markets, Banks and Stock Exchanges.
Qanat The Kalbids (Yusuf al-Kalbi)
  • +20% Production Production cost
  • 2 Gold Gold maintenance
  • Tiles that are adjacent to City acts as a source of Fresh Water.
  • Nearby Farms and Plantations are built 100% faster.
Rugo Burundi (Cambarantama)
  • Extends 'We Love The King Days' for 5 turns globally
  • Starts a 'We Love The King Day'
  • Provides a free Worker Unit
Sewer Harappa (Went-Antu)
  • Unlocked at Agriculture
  • -50% Production Production cost
  • No Gold Gold maintenance
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