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Anduruna led by Calah is is a custom fictional civilization mod by SharkyMcSnarkface. It is based upon the webcomic Dreamkeepers.

This mod requires Brave New World



Anduruna is the last major Dreamkeeper city in the Dreamworld. While ancient Dreamkeeper history had described there to have been hundreds, all had to flee and converge into one point, and that is Anduruna. Protected on all sides by harsh deserts, the Starfall Mountains, and the Alchera Ocean, it's no wonder why the remnants of Dreamkeeper civilization decided to flee here. The Dreamworld is where manifestations of our other selves live, these manifestations are known as Dreamkeepers and can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They are come with great powers unique to each individual. From creating great tempests to little bright party tricks, powers are as varied as Dreamkeepers themselves.


Calah is the Viscount of Anduruna as of the events of the Dreamkeepers comic. He's a father of two, being the parent of Lilith and Namah Calah. Though he keeps Namah under wraps due to her illegitimacy. He's not that great at being a parent, apparently treating his daughters like he would any other politician (Seriously, who gets their own daughter to sign a non-disclosure agreement? He didn't even present it himself!), though he does try.

Dawn of Man[]


"Hail, great Viscount Calah of Anduruna! You have walked a narrow path of balance. That of being a popular figure with the people, and being a parent. Through your humble leadership, you have brought happiness and order to the people, with the City Central Authority enjoying greater powers to ensure the safety and stability of Anduruna in these trying times.

The people cry out for your name, Calah. They need a strong leader. They need order. They need safety. They need authority. You have it all. Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Greetings, stranger. You stand in Anduruna, the greatest, and last, Dreamkeeper city!"

Introduction: "Welcome to Anduruna! Keep your nose clean and we'll get along just swell!"

Defeat: "And so falls the Dreamkeepers. Have you no shame in destroying our ancient people?"

Defeat: "So these Nightmares were true after all. I just didn't think they would take in the form of you."

Unique Attributes[]

Anduruna (Calah)
City Central Authority

Units gain +20% combat strength when fighting on or adjacent to forts. Forts provide +2 CultureIcon culture. +25% Gold gold from city connections.

CCA Shock Trooper(Infantry)
  • -15% weaker than infantry (60Strength vs. 70Strength )
  • Has a combat bonus when near the Capital Capital (Max +30%)
  • +25% Strength combat bonus in friendly territory
  • May build forts and twice as fast as workers
Sabbaton Towers(Palace)
  • Increased yields over regular palace
  • +2 Happy happiness
  • -25% enemy spy stealing rate
  • +5xp for units trained in the city
City List
  1. Sabbaton
  2. Norvondire
  3. Margate
  4. Theophanies
  5. Calypsa
  6. Kojiki
  7. Talocan
  8. Ruskol
  9. Kittim
  10. Eridan River
  11. Eridu Delta
  12. Starfall Mountains
  13. Dune Sea
  14. Diony Desert
  15. Cliffs of Ekklesia
  16. Hal's Observatory
Spy List
  • Antioch
  • Stiletto
  • Cal
  • Ravat
  • Haeginsworth
  • Damon
  • Bill
  • Woods
  • Tinsel
  • Boore


Icon Religion Civs
Sacrare Anduruna, The Troika



Anduruna is focused on a defensive mix on wide and tall play. The capital is to grow as tall as the Sabbaton Towers themselves, while it branches out onto as many outer cities as possible. Forts now not only just defend against material threats like enemy soldiers, but also against enemy cultures. Use forts in low-yield areas to help spur along your own culture. CCA Shock Troopers come late and are weaker, but come quite in handy for the defense of your territories even against later units, being stronger than even their next incarnation -the Mechanize Infantry- with the right conditions. They are also able to build forts twice as fast as regular workers, allowing them to really dig in when the going starts to get tough on top of also providing culture thanks to City Central Authority. The Sabbaton Towers are the jewel of the Andurunan empire, allowing for a stronger start than most empires. While the experience bonus isn't too noticeable later on, it's a definite improvement for your early army. The Sabbaton Towers also help keeps your capital safe from enemy spies that wish to steal from the lucrative science hubs capitals usually are. In all, Anduruna can comfortably pursue most victory paths, having being safely holed up in their capital and defended fiercely by fortified surrounding cities, but is best at a diplomatic victory with their gold bonus.


Peace Theme War Theme

Dreamkeepers Vol 1-4 OST 27 Dealing with Security-Enter Kalei


Dreamkeepers V1-4 OST 22 Ravat

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

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Steam Workshop

Latest Version: v1

Last Updated: 9 Feb 2022

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