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America led by LBJ is a alternate leader mod by Divine Yuri. At this time the Civilization is a Work in Progress, but just wanted to spend some time working on the wiki page so I can release it as a link with the civ. 


Dawn of Man[]

Lyndon B Johnson -without

Greetings, President Johnson. From your career as a teacher you experienced poverty first hand in that little Welhausen Mexican School. There you gained the pain of realizing and knowing then that college was closed to practically every one of those children because they were too poor. Then was the point you made up your mind that America could never rest while the door of knowledge remained closed to any American. Which pushed you to become a politician, and in 1963 disaster struck when President Kennedy was assassinated. Wanting to create stability in the country you immediately took a transition of power. As president you thought it advantages to quickly pursue legislation, and pushed for Kennedy's Tax Cuts and Civil Rights bill which even through opposition your ability to convince the Republican leader to support the bill you signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law. Though your republican opponent Goldwater opposed the bill saying that it imposed on state's rights. You saw the 1964 election as your chance to prove your worth as not just a "Accidental President", but as the 36th President of the United States. During the election you ran on what you called "The Great Society" a whole host of government policies to initiate a "War On Poverty", and solidify the efforts of the Civil Rights Movement. Though even with great intentions the problems in Vietnam flared, and your Great Society would have to take a back burner to the problem in Asia which made you call the war a "Bitch that killed the lady I truly loved, The Great Society!".

Johnson, the American people call for you once more. Can you create your Great Society, and win the war against poverty? Can you end segregation? Or will your administration be known mostly for that bitch of a war? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: Welcome to the United States. I am her president, and whatever the trials and the tests ahead we must remember one thing. Our cause will lie not in powerful weapons or infinite resources or boundless wealth, but will lie in the unity of our people.

Defeat Generic: We know that most people's intentions are good. We don't question their motives; we've never said they're unpatriotic, although they say some pretty ugly things about us. And we believe very strongly on preserving the right to differ in this world, and the right to dissent; and if I have done a good job of anything since I've been president, it's to ensure that there are plenty of dissenters.

Defeat JFK (Get your tinfoil hats ready!): I should of shot you myself. Instead I put my trust in that damn Oswald character!

Defeat America (Searches Player's CivilizationType for keyword "AMERICA"): I am defeated, and America is yours. Lead us into a glorious future Mr. President!

Unique Atributes[]

Trait, and Components[]

America (LBJ)
Leader Icon
The Great Society

Gain Goldenage Golden Age Points whenever you adopt a Social Policy. Whenever you enter a Goldenage Golden Age your cities begin a movement that has a unique policy at 150% CultureIcon  Culture cost, but is 25% cheaper for every movement.

G. I. (Infantry)
  • Gain +4% Strength Combat Strength for every friendly air unit this unit is in range of. Up to a maximum of +20%.
Smithsonian Museum (Museum)
  • +1 Science Science
  • Has 1 slot for a Scientist Specialist
Movement Policy Effect
Civil Rights Civil Rights Act
  • +15% Greatperson Great People rate.
Feminist Establish the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Scientist, Engineers, and Merchants produce +2 of their appropriate yield.
Anti War End the Draft
  • All units cost 10% more Production Production, but are built with +15 xp.
Education Higher Education Act, and Project Head Start.
  • Universities, and Public Schools Produce +1 Happy Happiness.
Healthcare Medicaid, and Medicare
  • +10% Food Food Carry over.
Environmental Clean Water, and Air Act
  • +1 Food Food from Great People Tiles.
Housing Housing And Urban Development Act
  • -10% Production Production cost of buildings.

America (LBJ) - Requires Health, and Crime.
Leader Icon
The Great Society

Excess HealthIcon Health contributes to Goldenage Golden Ages. Whenever you enter a Goldenage Golden Age your cities begin a movement that has a unique policy at 150% CultureIcon  Culture cost, but is 25% cheaper for every movement.

Chances of specific movements are increased by the relative power of it's connected Crimes Crime or Disease Disease in the city, and some movement policies are changed. For more info look below.

G. I. (Infantry)
  • Gain +4% Strength Combat Strength for every friendly air unit this unit is in range of. Up to a maximum of +20%.
Smithsonian Museum (Museum)
  • +1 Science Science
  • Has 1 slot for a Scientist Specialist
  • -10% CrimesBlue Fraud
Movement Modifier Policy Effect
Civil Rights CrimesPurple Vandalism Civil Rights Act
  • +15% Greatperson Great People rate.
Feminist CrimesGreen Violence Establish the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Scientist, Engineers, Merchants, and Doctors produce +2 of their appropriate yield.
Anti War CrimesRed Treason End the Draft

(With Loyalty)

  • +10% Loyalty Loyalty in all cities.
Education CrimesBlue Fraud Higher Education Act, and Project Head Start.
  • Reduces CrimesBlue Fraud by 8%, and other Crimes Crimes by 4% from Public Schools, and Universities.
Healthcare CrimeLightBlue Drug Abuse Medicaid, and Medicare
  • -16% Disease Disease from Citizen Population.
Environmental Disease High Disease Clean Water, and Air Act
  • Buildings that produce Disease Disease produce 1 less.
  • Recycling Center produces +2 HealthIcon Health.
Housing CrimesOrange Theft Housing And Urban Development Act

(With Investment)

  • Invest Investments further reduce Production Production cost by 15%.
More Info

The chances of each movement are as follows: If a movement's policy is already enacted, or they are already active in a city then it can't spawn in a city.

For everything else it kinda works like this: Imagine there being points on a chart, and every point has a specific movement. Now Crimes Crime based movements have 1 point on the chart, and additional points based on the % of that Crimes Crime in the city. Movements without a Crimes Crime (Environmental) use excess Disease Disease instead. They are given 1 point on the chart, and +1 points for every excess Disease Disease in the city or +2 points if the city is experiencing a Plague Plague. Then we randomly choose a point on the chart, and assign whatever movement is there to the city.


Victory Competitiveness 8
Wonder Competitiveness 6
Minor CivCompetitiveness 7
Boldness 9
DiploBalance 5
Warmonger Hate 4
Denounce Willingness 4
Declaration of Friendship 7
Loyalty 7
Neediness 6
Forgiveness 4
Chattiness 8
Meanness 7

War 4
Hostile 6
Deceptive 7
Guarded 6
Afraid 3
Friendly 7
Neutral 2

Ignore 2
Friendly 6
Protective 4
Conquest 3
Bully 8

Offense 4
Defense 6
City Defense 7
Military Training 6
Recon 5
Ranged 5
Mobile 5
Naval 5
Naval Recon 6
Naval Growth 4
Naval Tile Improvement 4
Air 7
Expansion 6
Growth 4
Tile Improvement 4
Infrastructure 5
Production 4
Gold 3
Science 7
Culture 8
Happiness 9
Great People 7
Wonder 5
Religion 3
Diplomacy 5
Spaceship 8
Water Connection 5
Nuke 6
Use Nuke 2
Espionage 7
Antiair 5
Air Carrier 5
Trade Destination 5
Trade Origin 5
Sea Trade Route 5
Land Trade Route 5
Archeology 5
Airlift 5

From JFD's Rise to Power 1-3 will favour Left Reforms. A value of 4-6 will value Centre Reforms. A value of 7-10 will value Right Reforms.

Government 3
Culture 2
Economic 2
Foreign 4
Industry 2
Military 3
Religion 2

Mercenaries 4
Religious Intolerance 0
Slaves 0

City Names[]


Most Populated Cities in 1960s

  1. Washington
  2. New York
  3. Chicago
  4. Philadelphia
  5. Detroit
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Baltimore
  8. Houston
  9. Cleveland
  10. St. Louis
  11. Milwaukee
  12. San Francisco
  13. Boston
  14. Dallas
  15. New Orleans
  16. Pittsburgh
  17. San Antonio
  18. San Diego
  19. Seattle
  20. Buffalo
  21. Cincinnati
  22. Memphis
  23. Denver
  24. Atlanta
  25. Minneapolis
  26. Indianapolis
  27. Kansas
  28. Columbus
  29. Phoenix
  30. Newark
  31. Louisville
  32. Portland
  33. Oakland
  34. Fort Worth
  35. Long Beach
  36. Birmingham
  37. Oklahoma
  38. Rochester
  39. Toledo
  40. St. Paul
  41. Norfolk
  42. Omaha
  43. Honolulu
  44. Miami
  45. Akron
  46. El Paso
  47. Jersey
  48. Tampa
  49. Dayton
  50. Tulsa
  51. Wichita
  52. Richmond
  53. Syracuse
  54. Tucson
  55. Des Moines
  56. Providence
  57. San Jose
  58. Mobile
  59. Charlotte
  60. Albuquerque
  61. Jacksonville
  62. Flint
  63. Sacramento
  64. Yonkers
  65. Salt Lake
  66. Worcester
  67. Austin
  68. Spokane
  69. Gary

Spy Names[]

Spy Names
  1. Hoover
  2. Helms
  3. Flint
  4. Little
  5. Lahikainen
  6. Bianco
  7. Tyler
  8. Roloff
  9. Dagger
  10. Rubenstein
  11. Oswald



Playing LBJ right requires a balance between early expansion, and limiting your expansion to get the most of the unique ability. If you expand too much LBJ won't have the happiness to begin Golden Ages, or the culture to enact his unique social policies. But, too little expansion and you can't take advantage of cheap, free, or even policies that give culture from enacting them. Adopting a social policy as soon as it's affordable isn't always the best choice you can choose to allow a movement to become larger than six cities, and get one-fourth of your next policy cost for every city after that allowing you to adopt even more policies quickly.

The G. I. as a replacement for Infantry isn't going to get much use, but it's ability allows for an easy time defending your cities. Allowing you to more easily focus on your victory type.

The Smithsonian Museum allows for more Great Scientists to be produced, throughout the game, and gives a slight science boost naturally. Combined with adopting the Feminism Movement's Policy the Smithsonian Museum can produce a decent amount of science combined with the normal culture effects.

Most policies within the Great Society mostly focus on Great People, and their generation making Freedom a great strategic (and thematic) choice. Freedom's Statue of Liberty, Civil Society, and Universal Suffrage combined with the Feminism Movement's Policy allows LBJ to put a lot of focus on Specialists making them a better choice than a majority of tiles. While also making Great People tiles even better with Freedom's New Deal, and the Environmental Movement's Policy to create tiles with extremely high yields.

Overall LBJ is a good Science, or Cultural victory Civ. Thanks to the Great Society, and Smithsonian museum LBJ can have high food growth, and produce many great scientists throughout the game. As well as a Cultural victory from the sheer amount of Great People he's able to produce, and your most likely focus on Culture to get as much as you can out of the Great Society. Though the choice might not be obvious at the start of the game as you don't choose what movements will form first in your empire, and try to avoid war when possible as too much war can limit your ability to expand the Great Society just as LBJ once said - "That bitch of a war killed the lady I really loved -- the Great Society!"


Peace Theme War Theme 

Call of Duty Black Ops Soundtrack - 010 Hard Target

From the Call of Duty Black Ops Soundtrack


CoD Black Ops Soundtrack - Commies

From the Call of Duty Black Ops Soundtrack The first 1 Minute, and 33 Seconds are cut.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
True Alternative Leaders
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

War on Poverty
We have people in this country who are living in unbelievable poverty. Even our president knows this fact from his life in the Hill Country. Picking cotton on his hands, and knees harnessed like a mule to a road plow, living off the better charity of his neighbours. But, we're going to change all that. We're going to declare a War On Poverty. All kinds of federal programs on health, education, literacy, jobs you name it. We're going to change this country from top to bottom!
  • Player must be America (LBJ).
  • At least policy must be enacted in the Great Society.
  • 200% CultureIcon Culture cost of a Policy, but cost is reduced by 1/2 for every policy enacted in the Great Society.
  • 2 Magistrates Dignitary.
  • Every fifth Citizen Citizen (Out of your total population) produces no Unhappiness Unhappiness.
Immigration and Nationality Act
For too long this country which was founded upon the Immigrants has denied people the right to become American. Not on the merit of their character or the skills they bring, but on a harsh injustice of only their national origins. Men of needed skill and talent were denied entrance because they came from southern or eastern Europe or from one of the developing continents. This is a violation of the foundations of American democracy!
  • Player must be America (LBJ).
  • Must be at least in Industrial Era.
  • Gold 500
  • 1 Magistrates Dignitary.
  • Traderoute Trade Routes, and Open Border agreements increase Great People generation.

I have a Dream DY LBJ MLK

A great man by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. has become the spokes person of the {1_Movement}, and today marched on {2_Capital} to give a speech about the great injustices that still plagues our society, and about his dream of a greater society!
Option 1: A truly inspiring man.
  • Gain the {1_Movement} in all cities.‎

Coast of {1_RivalCityName} Incident DY LBJ GulfEvent

There was a incident off the Coast of 1_RivalCityName} and we believe the {2_CivAdjective} were behind this, but there wasn't any explosions and there are conflicting sonar readings of the event. Normally we would just say the navy was probably just shooting at whales, but there was a damn leak and now it's all over the media! If we don't act on this Goldwater, and the Republicans will be down my throat with this "Soft on Military" bullshit. McNamara is saying we should act on it, but Humphrey's telling me the Liberals would instead be down my throat instead!
Option 1: Side with McNamara
  • Gain +2 Happy Happiness, but it'll escalate to a war with {1_Civilization}.
Option 2: Side with Humphrey
  • No effect, but a war is avoided with {1_Civilization}.

Death of three young {1_Movement} Workers in {2_City}. center‎

The young boys have gone missing, and we don't know why. All we know is they were locked up not long before, but released as they didn't break any laws. They were working for the {1_Movement}, and now the supporters of that movement are demanding we send in the federal marshal to look at the case, but the proud city of {2_City} are demanding we leave the case to the city and don't get involved.
Option 1: Send in the Federal Police
  • {2_City} enters resistance for {6 on standard} turns.
Option 2: Leave it as a local matter
  • All cities with {1_Movement} enter unrest for {2 on standard} turns.

Rise to Power[]

Heads of Government

Heads of Government are Congressmen from the 88th United States Congress

  1. J. Lister Hill of Alabama
  2. Ernest Gruening of Alaska
  3. Carl Hayden of Arizona
  4. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas
  5. Phillip Burton of California
  6. Wayne N. Aspinall of Colorado
  7. Emilio Q. Daddario of Connecticut
  8. Harris B. McDowell Jr. of Delaware
  9. Claude Pepper of Florida
  10. Bo Callaway of Georgia
  11. Patsy Mink of Hawaii
  12. Compton I. White Jr. of Idaho
  13. Dan Rostenkowski of Illinois
  14. Lee H. Hamilton of Indiana
  15. H. R. Gross of Iowa
  16. Bob Dole of Kansas
  17. Carl D. Perkins of Kentucky
  18. Speedy Long of Louisiana
  19. William Hathaway of Maine
  20. Charles Mathias of Maryland
  21. John William McCormack of Massachusetts
  22. Raymond F. Clevenger of Michigan
  23. Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota
  24. Al Quie of Mississippi
  25. William L. Hungate of Missouri
  26. James Franklin Battin of Montana 
  27. Glenn Cunningham of Nebraska
  28. Walter S. Baring, Jr. of Nevada
  29. James Colgate Cleveland of New Hampshire
  30. Peter W. Rodino of New Jersey
  31. E. S. Johnny Walker of New Mexico
  32. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. of New York
  33. Lawrence H. Fountain of North Carolina
  34. Mark Andrews of North Dakota
  35. Frances P. Bolton of Ohio
  36. Carl Albert of Oklahoma
  37. Edith Green of Oregon
  38. Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania
  39. John E. Fogarty of Rhode Island
  40. Albert Watson of South Carolina
  41. Ben Reifel of South Dakota
  42. Jimmy Quillen of Tennessee
  43. J. J. Pickle of Texas
  44. David S. King of Utah
  45. Robert Stafford of Vermont
  46. Howard W. Smith of Virginia
  47. Tom Foley of Washington
  48. Arch A. Moore Jr. of West Virginia
  49. Melvin Laird of Wisconsin
  50. Teno Roncalio of Wyoming

Political Parties[]

Politics Type Party Name
Reactionary Dixiecrats
Conservative New Right Party
Liberal New Deal Party
Socialist New Left Party
Communist Progressive Labor Party
Libertarian Libertarian Party
Fascists Free Enterprise National Socialists

Unique Cultural Influence[]

Our people are now demanding rights for all, smoking their ganja, and talking about peace for the world. I hope the rest of the world isn't over flown with these damn Hippies!

User Options[]

In the mods folder. A file called LBJ_GameOptions can be found. This file contains SQL code that allows you to enable options, and balance certain values.

Option Type Effect
  • Disables Washington's America.
  • Disables Bernie Sanders's America.
  • If using the 3rd, and 4th Components mod this will also give Washington's 3rd, and 4th to LBJ.

Notes and References[]

Divine Yuri's Civilizations
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