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America led by James Madison is a custom civilization mod by JakeWalrusWhale, with contributions from RawSasquatch, DarthKyofu and Zharques.

This mod requries Brave New World.



The United States of America is a world "super-power" (which more or less means that it is vital to the world economy and balance of power). A relatively young civilization, the United States formed in the 18th century, nearly self-destructed in the 19th century, and became the most powerful and dominant military, technological, cultural and economical civilization in the 20th.

James Madison[]

James Madison was an American statesman, diplomat, expansionist, philosopher and Founding Father who served as the fourth president of the United States from 1809 to 1817. He is hailed as the "Father of the Constitution" for his pivotal role in drafting and promoting the Constitution of the United States and the United States Bill of Rights. He co-wrote The Federalist Papers, co-founded the Democratic-Republican Party, and served as the fifth United States secretary of State from 1801 to 1809.

Dawn of Man[]

Glory to you, James Madison, Founding Father and Father of the Consitution! While America was under British threat leading up to and during the Revoluntary War you called for change, and avocated for justice against the wrongdoings of the British. You were the person most responsible for constuction the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, ensuring that your people had freedoms and liberties, so they would never have to relive what was seen as terrible deeds by the British. Even as a President, you were rallying your people and letting America make a name for itself in the War of 1812. Despite devasating losses during this war and ending at a stalemate, American pariotism prevailed with the numerous victories. People saw the result of your presidency as the beginning of a new era, the Era of Good Feelings!


Art by RawSasquatch

Oh, great president, will you lead America once more, ensuring that your people gain their freedom once more? Will you hold you head up high, despite your losses, to make sure Americans will always maintain their pride? Will you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Greetings, I'm James Madison, President of the United States of America. I hope that there will be peace and prosperity between our countries, and free trade between our waters."

Defeat: "You may have defeated me, but the pride and patriotism of America won't stay silent. We just fought for our independence, and will fight once more against your nation's opression."

Unique Attributes[]

America (James Madison)

Art by RawSasquatch

The Star-Spangled Banner

Controlling a unpillaged Fort in enemy or unowned territory for 5 turns will transfer ownership of the fort to you. Generate Goldenage Golden Age points upon construction or acquisition of Forts.


Art by JakeWalrusWhale

Territorial Militia (Musketman)
  • -4 Strength Combat Strength (20 v. 24).
  • -30 Production Production cost (120 v. 150).
  • Can instantly build forts in unowned or enemy territory, at the cost of lots of health.
  • +33% Strength Combat Strength when occupying forts, even if they are in enemy territory.

Art by JakeWalrusWhale

Revenue-Marine Cutter (Privateer)
  • +2 Moves Movement and +2 Sight when within 4 tiles of an enemy ship that is low on health.
  • Upon plundering or winning in battle, generate Goldenage Golden Age points.
City List
  1. Washington
  2. New York
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Baltimore
  5. Boston
  6. Charleston
  7. Northern Liberties
  8. New Orleans
  9. Southwark
  10. Salem
  11. Albany
  12. Providence
  13. Richmond
  14. Detroit
  15. Norfolk
  16. Newark
  17. Cincinnati
  18. Newport
  19. Alexandria
  20. Portland
  21. Charlotte
  22. Cleveland
  23. Portsmouth
  24. New Haven
  25. Pittsburgh
  26. Brooklyn
  27. Nantucket
  28. Savannah
  29. Newburyport
  30. Lexington
  31. Gloucester
  32. Columbus
  33. Schenectady
  34. Wilmington
  35. Louisville
  36. Hartford
  37. Marblehead
  38. Plymouth
  39. Petersburg
  40. Worcester
  41. Raleigh
Spy List
  • Andrew
  • William Henry
  • Winfield
  • Jacob
  • Oliver Hazard
  • Wade
  • Johnston
  • James
  • Peter Buell
  • Alexander
America (James Madison)



Peace Theme War Theme

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now hating Native Americans and claiming your nation is victorious despite ending the war in a stalemate. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 25 Sep 2020


  • JakeWalrusWhale: Research, Design, Code, Art (UU Icons, and Map), Text, Mod Support
  • RawSasquatch: Leaderscene and Leader Icon
  • Zharques: Map
  • DarthKyofu: Civ Icon
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