United States of America
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Lutheranism (HR)

Religious Intolerance
Charismatic, Financial
Map Labels Language
British, Spanish, First Americans
America led by Roosevelt is a custom civilization by JFD and Janboruta, with contributions from Leugi and Gyra Solune.

This mod requires Brave New World. It does not replace Washington's America, but significantly changes it.



The United States of America is a world "super-power" (which more or less means that it possesses weapons capable of destroying everything on the planet). A relatively young civilization, the United States formed in the 18th century, nearly self-destructed in the 19th century, and became the most powerful and dominant military, technological, cultural and economical civilization in the 20th. One can hardly guess what will happen to it in the 21st.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, is best known for leading the US out of the Great Depression and to victory in WWII. Crippled by polio at 39, Roosevelt displayed indomitable courage and resolve to overcome his disability and achieve his goals. Roosevelt was a man of contradictions. Though wealthy and powerful, Roosevelt was beloved by the poor and downtrodden and despised as a socialist by the wealthy and powerful. Roosevelt ran for office on a platform of isolationism, but he hated fascism and oppression, and unceasingly worked behind the scenes to aid the UK and get America into World War II. When Roosevelt first became President in 1932, the United States was in a crippling depression. Banks had closed and businesses had failed. Millions were unemployed and falling into poverty. To counter this malaise, Roosevelt enacted a series of policies that he called the "New Deal": a sweeping program to bring recovery to business and agriculture, relief to the unemployed and to those in danger of losing businesses, farms and homes.

Dawn of Man

Greetings, President Roosevelt, leader of the United States of America. With courage and determination, and in spite of great personal adversity, you would lead the United States through her darkest hours. Elected to the presidency in 1933, your aim would be the reinvigoration of a shattered economy, and against the pressures of your republican foes, you would champion extensive policies to alleviate the status of the poor and disadvantaged. In 1941, the United States would be suddenly and deliberately attacked by the Empire of Japan, prompting your government to rally to the cause of Western civilization as it became engulfed in the storm of the Second World War, and from this your nation would arise triumphant, and your presidency a legacy to behold.

Roosevelt diplo

Leaderscene by Leugi

Great President, the time has come for your leadership once more. Can you give voice to the downtrodden, and champion the spirit of the United States for all? Can you lead the American people to take greatness in the face of war? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: Welcome to the United States of America. I am her President, and I warmly greet you as a friend and potential ally in the stalwart defense of freedom and equality.

Defeat: I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.

Unique Attributes

America (Roosevelt)

Art by Janboruta

The New Deal

Choose from either Greatperson Great Merchant points and a Gold Gold boost or Greatperson Great Engineer points and a Production Production boost every time you adopt a new Social Policy. +2 CultureIcon Culture from Great Person tile improvements.


Art by Firaxis

B17 (Bomber)
  • Starts with Evasion and Siege I promotions

Art by Firaxis

Assembly Plant (Factory)
  • +10% Production Production towards mechanized Land and Air units
  • +50% embarked Strength Defense for Armor and Siege units
  • Only one Assembly Plant is required to unlock an Ideology
Changes to America (Washington)

Art by Firaxis

Manifest Destiny

+1 sight for Land military units and +1 Moves Movement for Civilian units. Enemy units ending their turn next to American borders take damage.


Art by Firaxis

Minuteman (Musketman)
  • -20% Production Production Cost (120 vs 150)
  • Ignores terrain cost
  • Starts with the Drill I promotion

Art by Janboruta

Ranch (Stable)
  • Claims and improves all workable sources of Bison, Cattle, Deer, Horses, and Sheep
  • +10% Production Production towards Mounted units
  • Each source of Bison, Cattle, Deer, Horses, and Sheep yields +1 Production Production
  • +35% Production Production Cost (135 vs 100)
City List
  1. Washington
  2. New York
  3. Chicago
  4. Philadelphia
  5. Detroit
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Cleveland
  8. Baltimore
  9. St. Louis
  10. Boston
  11. Pittsburgh
  12. San Francisco
  13. Milwaukee
  14. Buffalo
  15. New Orleans
  16. Minneapolis
  17. Cincinnati
  18. Kansas City
  19. Indianapolis
  20. Houston
  21. Seattle
  22. Las Vegas
  23. Denver
  24. Columbus
  25. Atlanta
  26. Louisville
  27. Dallas
  28. Richmond
  29. San Diego
  30. Miami
Spy List
  • Cousin
  • Felix
  • Dennis
  • Edward
  • Prof. Rex
  • Eliza
  • Mary
  • Virginia
  • Scarlett
  • Barbara


Start a Tall-Tradition game, choosing Production boosts to help establish all the early units and infrastructure. Occasionally you might want some Gold, though accumulating Great Merchant points over Engineers is undesirable. You'll soon have Engineers to build some Manufactories early on, which give big Production potential and some Culture too to push through Aesthetics - for more total Culture, thereby giving more Policies, thereby more Production. You only need one Assembly Plant to unlock an Ideology, so prioritize Industrialization after Education and connect Coal immediately. Freedom is the obvious choice, so that you can have the New Deal Tenet to compliment the UA. Be sure to pass Historical Landmarks in the World Congress too for some very high-yield Manufactories. By the late-game you should possess monstrous Production capabilities - the B-17 and Assembly Plant encourage ending the game by channeling your Production into some devastating Mechanized warfare.


Peace Theme War Theme
USA - Roosevelt Peace

USA - Roosevelt Peace

USA - Roosevelt War

USA - Roosevelt War

"The Atlantic" by Andreas Waldetoft. "War" by Andreas Waldetoft.

Mod Support

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions

Declare America the 'Arsenal of Democracy'

The United States of America has many loyal allies, striken weak by the sicknesses of war. We must do all that we can, all that is in our power, to ensure that our trusted allies do not fall to their enemies.


  • Player must be America (Roosevelt)
  • Must have researched Industrialization
  • Must have at least one Declaration of Friendship
  • May only be enacted once per game


  • [Cost of next Social Policy] CultureIcon Culture
  • Magistrates Magistrate


  • +1 Production Production on Manufactories
  • When war is declared against you, all cities with an Assembly Plant have their current Production production hurried

Create the Emergency Relief Administration

Unemployment and poverty are deep concerns for our nation, and we need to address these concerns if our economy is to recover from this recession. Creating a state department to oversee the distribution and creation of new jobs is essential to this goal.


  • Player must be America (Roosevelt)
  • Must have researched Economics
  • May only be enacted once per game


  • (Value chosen by Player) Gold Gold
  • Magistrates Magistrate


  • +1 Gold Gold on Customs Houses
  • When war is declared against you, gain Gold Gold equal to how much you spent to enact this decision

Concerned Citizen

Dear Mr. President, I would like to ask you some questions, if we could speak honestly. I have some deep concerns over the recent technological advancements made by [Civilization]. How can you sleep while the rest of us are fearful of our many communist foes? We as Americans have got to protect ourselves. I implore you to ensure that America remains ahead of the rest of the world. Thank you.

Signed, deeply concerned

Option 1: Heed these concerns, and invest in new research.

  • Lose 500 Gold Gold
  • Gain a Greatperson Great Scientist

Option 2: We simply cannot afford the expense.

  • Nothing

Army Compensation

Some of our veterans soldiers are demanding early compensation for their military service. Some have even threatened to quit the army if we do not oblige. How should we respond?

Option 1: They shall have to wait like any other soldier for their pay.

  • Lose 33% of your Goldenage Golden Age points
  • 20% chance that one of your high-level Military Units will disband

Option 2: They should, of course, be paid their due.

  • Lose [# of military units x20] Gold Gold
  • Gain [37% of current] Goldenage Golden Age points

Full Credits List

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Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 4
Last Updated: 21 June 2015

  • JFD: Coding, Design, Writing
  • Janboruta: Artwork
  • Leugi: Artwork (Leaderscreen)
  • Firaxis: Artwork (Assembly Plant)
  • Gyra Solune: Research (City Lists)
  • Andreas Waldeloft: Music
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