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Albania led by Zog I is a custom civilization mod by Uighur_Caesar, with contributions from DarthKyofu, Urdnot_Scott, and Lime.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Albania, officially the Republic of Albania, is a country in Southeast Europe. In ancient times, the Illyrians inhabited northern and central regions of Albania, whilst Epirotes inhabited the south. Several important ancient Greek colonies were also established on the coast. In the 2nd century BCE, the region was annexed by the Roman Republic, and after the division of the Roman Empire it became part of Byzantium. The first known Albanian autonomous principality – Arbanon – was established in the 12th century. The Kingdom of Albania, Principality of Albania and Albania Veneta were formed between the 13th and 15th centuries in different parts of the country, alongside other Albanian principalities and political entities. In the late 15th century, Albania became part of the Ottoman Empire until 1912, when the modern Albanian state declared independence. In 1939, the Kingdom of Albania was invaded by Italy, which became Greater Albania, and then a protectorate of Nazi Germany during World War II. Following the war, the People's Socialist Republic of Albania was formed, which lasted until the Revolutions of 1991 concluded with the fall of communism in Albania and eventually the establishment of the current Republic of Albania.

Zog I[]

Zog I, born Ahmet Muhtar Zogolli and later changing his name to (unsuccessfully) appear more European and less bizarre, was the prime minister, then president, then King of Albania following its independence from the dying Ottoman Empire and first World War, but was later exiled after a series of reforms, embezzlements, and increasingly megalomaniacal decadent events that ended abruptly with the Italian invasion of Albania and his prompt exile to Britain.

Dawn of Man[]

"Peace by upon you o great Zog, King of the Albanians. In the aftermath of the Great War, Albania finally achieved independence from the Ottoman Empire, but lagged severely behind the rest of Europe. It would be your ambition as leader of the Albanians, first as president and then as king, to bring the young nation up to international standards in education and economics. To carry out these reforms, a stern hand was required as Albania was still plagued by the shadow of tribalism and blood feuds between families and communities. A new national identity was sought after, one that emphasized Albania as the fatherland and its newly crowned king as the savior of its people. Your primary ally, Benito Mussolini, provided economic support and advisors to assist in these endeavors, but ultimately he would betray Albania by invading in 1939 after you refused his increasingly unsustainable demands.


Leaderscene by Urdnot

Son of Skanderbeg, a new age is on the horizon and Albania will need a powerful leader to ensure their success. Can you unite the nation through patriotism and allegiance to the monarchy? Will you lead your people into modernity and break the shackles of feudalism? Will you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: Welcome to Tirana traveler! I am Zog I, King of the Albanians, and son of Skanderbeg. Our nation and dynasty are young, but in a short time we will have the respect of the world.

Defeat: Once again we are erased...

Unique Attributes[]

Albania (Zog I)

Art by DarthKyofu

Where They Live with Hope

Construct buildings faster if receiving a Traderoute Trade Route from a city with that building, as well as Science Science if from a foreign city. Cities celebrating We Love the King Day share 10% of their CultureIcon Culture with each other.


Art by Urdnot

Royal Gendarmerie (Great War Infantry)
  • Earns XP 50% faster if built in the Capital Capital (or upgraded from a unit built in the Capital).
  • May extend WLTKD in a city by 3 turns when starting garrisoned (once per level, must be promoted to regain this ability).

Art by DarthKyofu

Development Society (Bank)
  • +3 Gold Gold to foreign Traderoute Trade Route owners rather than +1.
  • Provides CultureIcon Culture when a building from a previous era is built or Science Science if it was bought.
City List
  1. Tirana
  2. Durrës
  3. Vlorë
  4. Shkodër
  5. Gjirokastër
  6. Krujë
  7. Lezhë
  8. Berat
  9. Elbasan
  10. Korçë
  11. Delvinë
  12. Kavajë
  13. Pogradec
  14. Fier
  15. Lushnjë
  16. Sarandë
  17. Peqin
  18. Leskovik
  19. Bilisht
  20. Përmet
  21. Skrapar
  22. Këlcyrë
  23. Shijak
  24. Kaninë
  25. Peshkopi
  26. Tepelenë
Spy List
  • Kostaq
  • Geraldine
  • Shefqet
  • Sadije
  • Leka
  • Ekrem
  • Tepelenë
  • Qazim
  • Ali
  • Xhemal


Albania (Zog I)


Peace Theme War Theme
"Albanian Soul" played by Shkelzen Doli. "Excerpt from the ballet Nita" composed by Rexho Mulliqi.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
True Alternative Leaders
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 31 December 2020


  • Uighur_Caesar: Code, Text, and Design
  • Urdnot_Scott: Art
  • DarthKyofu: Art
  • Lime: Text
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