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Production Cost 250
Maintenance 5
Unlocked at Radar
Notes Allows Airlifting of units

The Airport is a building available in the Atomic Era.

Game Info[]

  • 50% of CultureIcon Culture produced by Wonders and Improvements is added to the city's Tourism Tourism output
  • +50% Tourism Tourism from Greatwork Great Works
  • Allows units to be instantly moved between cities with Airports, using up all of their Movement points


Technically, an "airport" is any sort of location where airplanes, helicopters, blimps or other aircraft can take off and land. However, in current, common usage an airport is a complex for commercial passenger aircraft, consisting of runways, control towers, hangers, terminals, emergency facilities and even parking structures. Prior to 1930, most airports were small airfields or aerodromes, with runways of less than 2000 feet. In 1939 La Guardia in New York City handled nearly a quarter million passengers a month; the most recent statistics for airport passenger traffic list Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta as the world's busiest, with over 92 million passing through it in 2011.

Unique Building Replacements[]


Icon Building Civilization Yields
Changi Terminal Singapore (Lee Kuan Yew) Besides the normal airport yields,
  • Provides +1 local Happy Happiness for every Traderoute Trade Route coming into and out of the city.
  • Provides +3 Influence Influence per turn Citystate City-States trading with this city.
  • Provides a free garden (or makes this city's garden maintanence-free)
Hump Airbase Yunnan (Long Yun)
  • Unlocked at Flight.
  • Provides +15 XP to newly trained Air units.
  • Each stationed Aircraft provides +2 Strength Combat Strength to this City.
UB Option 2
Qatar Airways Qatar (Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani)
  • Incoming and outgoing Traderoute Trade Routes with Qatar Airways in the city increase Gold Gold yields by 25%.
  • Air unit capacity is 12 (vs. 10).
  • Civilizations with a Declaration of Friendship and open borders with Qatar can airlift their units into a Qatari city.


Icon Building Civilization Yields
Airbase Osea (Vincent Harling)
  • Can hold 2 more aircraft.
  • Has an Engineer specialist slot.
Mathalx Faust Doctor Clinic Icon
Doctor's Clinic Asklepieia (Faust) Loses the Tourism Tourism Bonus. Instead, yields 5 Food Food and 1 Science Science for every 4 Citizen Citizen in the city. Retains the Airlifting bonus, and is available at Chemistry. 1 Scientist Slot.
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