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The Air Nomads
Air Nomads emblem
Southern Air Temple
Start Bias
Mountain, Jungle
req. mod

Traits req. mod
Cultural, Spiritual
Map Labels Language req. mod

 "The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly concerns and found peace and freedom."

— Iroh to Zuko on the nature of the Air Nomads.

The Air Nomads led by Gyatso is an Upcoming custom civilization by Vincent MacKay, part of the Avatar's World Mod Pack. This mod requires Brave New World.

As of Now I am an amateur at Modding so any help will be greatly appretiated!


Air Nomads[]

The Air Nomads is a collective term for a nation of people who practice the discipline of airbending. One of the four major nations, the Air Nomads were wanderers by definition, but had four air temples, one at each corner of the globe, hidden away atop mountain ranges in the northern Earth Kingdomand on three remote islands. The theocratic Air Nomads were home to a monastic order of men and women who practiced airbending. Unlike the other nations, the people of the Air Nomads were, without any seen exception, all benders due to the high level of spirituality of their people.

Tenzin Gyatso[]

Monk Gyatso was Avatar Aang's guardian, mentor, and father figure before the beginning of the Hundred Year War, as well as a member of the Council of Elders. According to Aang, he was the greatest airbender in the world of his time. Gyatso was known for his kindness and sense of humor. Though Aang learned airbending under him as part of his Avatar training, the monk always allowed time for fun and games, such as Pai Sho. In his earlier years, Gyatso also had a strong friendship with Aang's previous incarnation, Roku.

Dawn of Man[]

"Greetings, and peace may be with you your holiness monk Tenzin Gyatso, leader of the Air Nomads! The peaceful Air Nomads are a simple culture, seeking a life of happines and simplicity away from any aggression. Setting out in the corners of the known worlds, your people lived for thousands of years barely touched by the other cultures as any attempt of incursion from them was received not with force but with evasion, so there hasn't been no genocides nor war in the thousands year old Air Nomad History....Sadly it was because of this, that a despotic Fire Nation Ruler managed to overcome your people with the help of a fire comet. All hope was lost, but with the return of the Avatar a hundred years later, and the re-opening of the Spirit Portals by her successor, The Air Nation is regaining it's numbers, while slowly and steadly working to regain it's former glory!

Monk Gyatso, your people are in need of guidance once again. Will you once again lead your peaceful nation to success? Can you prove that the air and the culture are stronger than any fire and sword? Will you build a Civilization to stand the test of time?"

Monk Gyatso

Temporary Scene until a new one is made

Introduction: "Welcome traveler, we are the peaceful Air Nomad nation. Noce to meet you!"

Introduction: "Greetings, foreign dignitary, and welcome to the Southern Air Temple. I am Monk Gyatso, though you may call me Tenzin if you want. Will we be friends?"

Introduction: Welcome to the land of our temples and monasteries, we wish no conflict at all, but if we are attack we will find our way to survive your aggression.

Defeat: "You may burn our temples, pillage our houses, and take our

ephemeral lives, but the balance will be restored and the Air Nomads will live one in time!

Defeat: "...Is it too late for peace? I never wanted all this death...."

Defeat: "Your empire has destroyed our civilization.... I bid you farewell you sad creature."


Air Nomads emblem

Culture/Scientific Victory looking.

Unique Attributes[]

The Air Nomads (Gyatso)
Element of Freedom

+2 Moves Movement for Workers, Settlers, Great People and military units, ignore swamp tile costs. +25% Strength Defense to any unit inside Air Nomad's Territory.

Sky bison
Sky Bison (Scout)
  • +1 Movement
  • Ignores Mountain, River and Swamp terrain costs.
  • -2 Strength  Strength
Air Temple (Temple)
  • Provides +2% Food Food Growth for every citizen (max 20%)
  • Provides +4% FaithIcon Food Growth for every citizen (max 40%)
  • Provides +25% Strength Defense to it's city.


Peace Theme War Theme
File:The Air Nomads - Gyatso Peace
File:The Air Nomads - Gyatso War
"Air Temple Music" 'The Red Lotus Theme'

List of Cities[]

City List
  1. Southern Air Temple
  2. Northern Air Temple
  3. Easthern Air Temple
  4. Western Air Temple
  5. Air Temple Island
  6. Air Nomads Cave
  7. Whaletale's Island
  8. Laghima's Peak
  9. ????
  10. ????
  11. ????
  12. ????
  13. ????
  14. ????
  15. ????
  16. ????
  17. ????
  18. ????
  19. ????
  20. ????
  21. ????
  22. ????
  23. ????
  24. ????
  25. ????
  26. ????
  27. ????
  28. ????
  29. ????
  30. ????
  31. ????

Full Credits List[]

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Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: Upcoming

  • Vincent MacKay: Design, Civilopedia

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