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Adastra led by Amicus is a custom fictional civilization mod by SharkyMcSnarkface. It is based upon the visual novel Adastra.

This mod requires Brave New World



Adastra is a planet inhabited by a race of sapient wolves, uplifted by mysterious beings only known as the Parents. It was through their guidance and technological gifts that turned them into the advanced space-faring civilization they are. Compared to the other Siblings, those of equal technological understanding, they are described as much rougher and warlike. Their Children, the races they have uplifted, are also stunted purposefully for the benefit of the Wolves. Much to the dismay of the Siblings.


Amicus was the heir to the throne of Adastra along with his sibling, Cassius. His ascension to the throne came about after the failed coup by Cato, previously his mentor and late father's friend. He was helped along the way by his sister Virginia, his rather close friend Neferu, and his lover, canonically named Marco. He has shown himself to be very passionate, not one to take half-measures in his actions. Until his ascension to the throne, he has closeted his sexuality to himself in fear of public backlash, as it would not look good for an heir to the throne to be a "tail-raiser" (If you would excuse the homophobic slur).

Dawn of Man[]


"Ave, true to Amicus! Under your gentle hand, you have turned Adastra from a shunned Sibling race back into the fold among equals. Through the troubles of succession to the Adastran throne, you have proven yourselve stalwart in the name of Adastra, and most importantly of all, your lover. What you may lack in more traditional skills expected of an Emperor, your heart has proven itself wiser than any corrupt mind.

The people of Adastra call for your leadership. Lead on, and bring the Wolves to greatness! Stay true to your heart, and Adastra will prosper above all, whatever path you choose. To the stars, and beyond! Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Ave!"

Introduction: "Welcome to Adastra. I may call you stranger for now, but you may call me friend."

Defeat: "To the stars, no more. I failed you, Marco..."

Defeat: "Is this how Adastra had to pay for its sins? Did we deserve this much?"

Unique Attributes[]

Adastra (Amicus)
To The Stars

May choose two free great people every era but has -50% great people generation. Starts with an Autonomous Drone and gains more with certain technologies.

  • Cannot create archaeological digs
  • May be expended in major civilizations for a small tourism boost
  • May be expended in city-states for an influence boost
  • Provides science when expended
  • Available earlier at Education
Parental Archive(Oxford University)
  • 1 free technology upon completion
  • Every tile worked by the city provides +1 Science science and +1 FaithIcon faith
  • +10% Science science empire-wide
  • +5 CultureIcon culture
  • Has 4 slots for great works of writing (theming bonus requires all works to be from the same civilization)
City List
  1. Adastra City
  2. Lupas
  3. Ad Rotae
  4. Lux
  5. Gebii
  6. Lex
  7. Tricelli
  8. Aquilo
  9. Hyperborea
  10. Elysium
  11. Eboracum
  12. Brigantium
  13. Rhegium
  14. Silpium
  15. Favonius
  16. Lyrcea
  17. Ithaca
  18. Hesperides
  19. Illyria
  20. Scandia
  21. Argyre
  22. Thrinacia
  23. Tritonis
  24. Patavium
  25. Antiochia
  26. Ascrivium
  27. Acherusia
  28. Thule
  29. Neritum
  30. Nova Pompei
Spy List
  • Alexios
  • Virginia
  • Cassius
  • Cato
  • Felix
  • Scipio
  • Marco
  • Neferu
  • Chloris
  • Tiberius

Autonomous Drones[]

Autonomous Drone(Standalone)
  • 3 Moves movement
  • Hovering unit
  • Ignores terrain costs
  • Works 50% faster than a normal worker


Icon Religion Civs
Parentalism Adastra



Adastra is a very versatile but science-aligned civilization. Their unique ability allows them to take a more controlled approach to victory at the cost of passive great people generation. Their Scholar-Emissaries allow Adastra to spread their influence across the planet, either in the form of their culture in major civs or their diplomacy in city-states. Scholar-Emissaries also provide a small science boost when expended in any way. They effectively allow Adastra to turn production into science, tourism or influence. The Parental Archive is simply a must for Adastra, as the science boost will help the era go along faster, and thus, churn out your free great people faster! It would also be wise to build the Parental Archive in the most populous city of the empire to take advantage of the bonus to tile yields. Their free autonomous drones allows Adastra a good early start, but be sure to defend them well as you only get a limited quantity. Once they are lost, they're lost forever. The most obvious victory path for Adastra would be a science victory given their Parental Archive and Scholar-Emissaries. But that being said, Adastra can comfortably pursue any victory condition; the way they choose paved by their pairs of great people every era.


Peace Theme War Theme

Adastra OST - Main Menu


Adastra - the fight

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Unique Cultural Influence []

"Our people are now watching your dramas and wearing your lavender-scented loincloths. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop

Latest Version: v5

Last Updated: 17 Jun 2022

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