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Çatalhöyüki Peoples
Map by AgressiveWimp
Map by AgressiveWimp
Çete Reisi
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req. mod

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Expansive, Spiritual

Çatalhöyük lead by Çete Reisi is a custom civilization by the Sixteen Nation Project, with special thanks given to danrell.

This mod requires Gods and Kings and is compatible with Brave New World.


Dawn of Man[]

O great Çete Reisi, chieftain of Çatalhöyük, the world is yours for the taking. Yours was a great city built up mighty long before that of anyone else, a city that brought the world out of its nomadic ways and into the knowledge of cultivation, laying the foundation for civilization. Your people believed in equality for all people, and together with the cities around yours, Çatalhöyük spearheaded religion, agriculture and society alike. Truly is Çatalhöyük the cradle of civilization!

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Art by AgressiveWimp

Chieftain of the Fork Mound, it is yet only the Dawn of Man. Your people have been given the task to make civilization itself rise from the dust, and they look to you for guidance. Can you aid them in their endeavour, Çete Reisi? Can you build a civilization to stand the test of time?


I, Çete Reisi of Çatalhöyük, greet you. Tell me - what are you doing up when it is only yet the dawn of man?


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Çatalhöyük is a civ entirely geared towards producing food, especially in the early game. Population in your first city can easily and quickly soar - so much so that you may find it difficult to control happiness levels. As such, it is imperative that as Çatalhöyük you play tall, NOT wide - the fewer supercities producing excess unhappiness that you have, the better, until you can easily control unhappiness levels. Keep this in mind; otherwise, the rest of the game is up to you - any victory would really work; scientific would probably be the most compatible with going tall. Use the uniques while you can, because they quickly go obsolete!

Unique Attributes[]

Çatalhöyük (Çete Reisi)
CeteReisiIcon Wikia
Neolithic Revolution

Do not start with Agriculture but receive a free Worker upon researching it. Start with a Hunter-Gatherer. Large one-time Food food and Production production boost in your first city.

HunterGathererIcon Wikia
Hunter-Gatherer (Scout)

Along with the usual Scout abilities, the Hunter-Gatherer may hunt animal resources and gather edible plant resources, which may be traded for a food boost upon entering a city. The same resource may not be hunted or gathered again for another 10 turns.

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Köy (Granary)

Along with the usual benefits of a granary, the Köy each turn will randomly generate either, 1 FaithIcon faith, 2 CultureIcon culture, or 2 Production production. Upon building the Köy, one Almonds resource spawns nearby if there is an available open-terrain plains or grassland plot within a range of 2 tiles.

City List
  1. Çatalhöyük
  2. Alisar Höyük
  3. Melid
  4. Cafer Höyük
  5. Kültepe
  6. Gözlükule
  7. Alaca Höyük
  8. Domuztepe
  9. Yumuktepe
  10. Çayönü
  11. Göbekli Tepe
  12. Coba Höyük
  13. Nevali Çori
  14. Çukuriçi Höyük
  15. Hacilar
  16. Kumtepe

Mod Support[]

Events and Decisions[]

Domesticate the Pig[]

All these wild animals running amok, particularly swines, are either eating our crops or eating other animals that are eating our crops, who would have otherwise been good prey for hunting. We can solve both problems by building a fence around the pigs - they won't escape and eat our crops, wolves won't come and eat them, and within the fence we can make them a renewable food source.


  • Player must be Çatalhöyük
  • May only be enacted once per game


  • 1 Magistrates Magistrate
  • Some CultureIcon Culture


  • Pastures produce +1 Food Food and CultureIcon Culture

Build a Sanctuary[]

The center of our lives is the harvest, when our hard year of labor rewards us with meals for the rest of the year. To ensure a bountiful yield, we should seek to find favor with the goddesses of rain and the earth, and they may be pleased with a remote, undisturbed, and more importantly, unsoiled shrine built unto them.


  • Player must be Çatalhöyük
  • May only be enacted once per game


  • 1 Magistrates Magistrate
  • Some CultureIcon Culture
  • Some FaithIcon Faith


  • Shrines generate +1 FaithIcon Faith and +15% Food Food

Mastered Obsidian Blades[]

Our craftsmen have mastered the skill of striking two obsidian rocks together to make a sharp blade. How the village should benefit most from this skill is up to you, chieftain.

Option 1: "This could enhance our productivity in woodcutting and construction."

  • +25% Worker improvement build speed

Option 2: "A fine blade pierces skin easier, does it not? We shall take them on the hunt."

  • Increased yields from hunting with a Hunter-Gatherer

Option 3: "Obsidian? Is that supposed to be impressive? Now, if they were made of flint..."

  • Nothing

Receding Waters[]

Each year, our village depends on the rains and rivers to nourish our crops that in turn nourish us. But lately, the water levels have been low, and the streams are dried. No matter what, our harvest will meager this year, but can we take precautions to ensure a bountiful harvest next year? (No matter what we pick, all cities' food meters will be reset.)

Option 1: "A simple dam may be in order to keep a pool of water ready when the weather is not so merciful."

  • Costs Gold Gold
  • Cities' food meters are only halved rather than wiped out
  • Drought ends (this event will not be repeated)

Option 2: "What else can we do besides pray to the gods for favorable weather next year?"

  • Costs FaithIcon Faith
  • Cities' food meters are completely reset
  • 50% chance that the drought ends (event will not be repeated) but 50% that it may continue (event MAY be repeated)

Option 3: "So it goes. We can't control the rain anyway, now can we?"

  • Cities' food meters are completely reset
  • Drought continues (this event MAY be repeated)

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people our now scarfing down almonds and domesticating pigs. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

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